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  1. 1 minute ago, ClintBHP said:

    The CAN Lambda has a default ID of 950, PCLink defaults to setting it up on 1000, but you can change that and it wont take effect until the next reboot of the Lambda, just dont use 950 or 958.

    Yeah - just realised we have a spurious CAN Lambda which has(had) and ID of 1000, which genuinely threw me for a bit!

  2. Hi,

    I know it's been asked before, but can't find it...

    Has anybody tried using one of these sort of sensors in a petrol turbo car?



    I assume the EGT is going to be too high, but is there a sensor that can screw directly (or nearly directly) into an exhaust manifold to measure EMAP?

  3. Currently we support a race car that used to run a complete Motec M1 setup with dash, PDM, ECU etc etc.

    He's now got a Fury installed instead of the M130. Engine is running much better... But... Logging is now a massive pain!

    Essentially we log all of the engine data and as much as we can via CAN, but we have run out of channels and can't overlay engine data onto a circuit map, so the result is we use MoTec's i2 for viewing data against track maps. The problem with this is we can't get all of the data into the dash from the Fury! So we have to use 2 different log analysis programs...

    If Link could implement GPS data I think that would be absolutely awesome. In this case, we could probably move the car over to the Link (AIM) Dash as well and not use i2 at all.

  4. What do you mean happy?

    You can chose any master fuel size you wish and then tune the main fuel table to suit.

    Ideally you want the fuel table to show around "50" at 100KPA Absolute (0KPA MGP) amd arpund 4000RPM.

  5. On 12/9/2017 at 10:30 AM, mapper said:

    Regarding Lambda control error correction table. I spend alot of time to tune these. The base map is adjusted the wrong way around. Because the error correction tables is a % corretion of actual error, you want big corrections like 15%  on small errors (0.03 lambda error) and small correction (like 5%) at the biggest error on the table. This is because a fuel film built up first in the ports when big correction are applied. This means it needs several burn cycles to get the whole change applied and measured. This means lambda control applies big changes two or three times for big corrections which leads to Lambda oscillation.  On small changes fuel film built up is much less.  Lambda change is done and measured much faster and within same burn cycle. This means the Lambda correction can be set much higher, because the change in AFR is measured instant.

    I have attached a tuned example.  


    Has this been confirmed as correct?

    Also, I agree with Mark (AbbeyMS) that we need the ability to alter +/- Fuelling separately...

    There are some really basic ECUs out there that offer different +/- trims...

  6. Hi

    We have fitted a Monsoon to an AE86 Toyota Levin / Corrolla.

    The Tacho doesn't work on it. On other Toyotas / Lexus etc we have previously used a resistor on the tacho circuit board to make them work.

    Anybody know if the same is needed on these old AE86s? 1984 model...

  7. 19 hours ago, Adamw said:

    I dont see why it would work any better than a 4 port but if you want two 3 ports solenoids to work in phase/antiphase you would just plumb one in the normally closed mode and the other to the normally open mode, both wired to the same Aux output.

    Ideally you need them to work at different duties so you can apply varying force to the two wastegate ports...

  8. Has anybody here run a pair of 3 port solenoids on a single External Wastegate in order to run big boost on a low pressure spring?

    I have been investigating running 4 ports, but keep hearing the same issue of poor resolution.

    On another forum I read about using a 3 port on the top of the wastegate and a second on the bottom of the wastegate, controlled by 2x ECU outputs.

    Effectively though, they need to run in conjunction with each other (phase / anti-phase).

    Any input / suggestions?

  9. Hi

    I'm configuring a Thunder with Ethrottle(1) on Connector D... Well, I thought I was!


    -Can't configure Any of the AUXs 11-18 as Ethrottle 1

    -APS/TPS not an option on AN Volt 13-16

    Why is this? Am I missing something?


  10. Hi Guys,

    In the Toyota Wiring Diagrams for the JZX100 Chaser, using the 1JZ-GTE VVTi engine, the VVTI solenoid has 2 pins allocated - OCV+ and OCV-.

    Do we need to assign 2 AUXs to these, or +12v to one pin and Cam Solenoid AUX to other?

    Using an Xtreme BTW.


    Also, "Integration Relay", pin called ELS - is this in need of connection?

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