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    Low Vacuum, unresponsive throttle

    Hi Just converted a customer's car from a modified stock ECU to a Link Fury. It's a BMW M54 3.0 engine with a Rotrex Supercharger. It drove in on the stock ECU with MAF. Now it's "running" on the Fury, I've noticed 2 issues... 1) MAP is 97-98kPa at idle at it's lowest, and tends to be closer to 99-100kPa - MAP Sensor is tested and working. Have swapped it out just in case. 2) Throttle is totally unresponsive. The plate is physically moving, but the engine revs do not alter at all when the plate opens and shuts! I have pressure tested the system and found 1 major air leak, which is fixed, but there is a small "hiss" somewhere that I can't find. Looking for an opinion or two! Is the small air leak going to be the cause of the above issues? PCL File attached if anybody is interested. M54SuperChargedFuryVAN3.pclr
  2. Grant Baker

    BMW M54 Trigger Offset

    Interestingly... This one has a trigger offset of 0deg...
  3. Grant Baker

    BMW M54 Trigger Offset

    Hi Guys, Don't suppose anybody has Trigger offset information for the BMW M54 engine? We have Trigger 1 & 2 on falling edge.
  4. Grant Baker

    BMW M54 Trigger Offset

    Thank you Adam
  5. Hi It would be useful in the Triggers tab in Runtime Values to show whether the Ignition and Injection outputs are firing. For example - Ignition 1 - Not Active / Attempting to Start / Running Injector 1 - Pre-crank Prime / Not active / Attempting to start / Running
  6. Grant Baker

    Differential fuel pressure - Nominal fluctuation range?

    We get this on stock regulators on the VAG 1.8T engine when the in tank pump is uprated. A decent FPR fixes it...
  7. Grant Baker

    Disable "Engine Fan" functionality

    This is annoying and I've found this myself! If you don't have a fan defined, but do have a fan on/off set in fan control, the idle-up still takes effect!
  8. Grant Baker

    Easy DI Function Search.

    Hi, Just an idea... It would be great if there was a way of searching for what a DI controls. For example, you have a DI x set to activate Boost. You may want it to do other things and have it activating a less agressive traction control, alternative fuel map etc. A simple "Search" for DI x shows all the things that DI x is assigned to?
  9. Grant Baker

    CAN label

    Did this ever go any further? I'm receiving a lot of data via CAN into a Fury (from a MoTeC dash and PDM) and it takes ages to remind myself which CAN DI does what. It would be great to have labels attached to the CAN DI and CAN ANA inputs...
  10. Grant Baker

    BMW M54 Dual Vanos Wiring

    Hi Just wiring in an M54 BMW engine with a Wire in ECU. There is no vehicle specific engine information in the help file. Does anybody know if it is the same as the S54 in terms of setup? I assume that although there are 2 cam sensors, we just wire in the single LH Exhaust sensor to trigger 2, and LH Inlet to a free DI? Configuration Engine Type 4 Stroke Cylinders/Rotors 6 Firing Order 1-5-3-6-2-4 Ignition Setup Ignition Mode Direct Spark Spark Edge Falling (Dwell Edge = Rising) Ignition Delay Installer to set Trigger Setup Trigger Mode BMW S54 Trigger 1 Trigger 1 Type Reluctor Trigger 1 Filtering Level 1 Trigger 1 Arming Threshold 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000-> 1 3 5 7 7 7 7 7 Trigger 2 (Wired to Exhaust LH Cam Position Sensor) Trigger 2 Type Hall Trigger 2 Filtering Level 2 Trigger 2 Pull up On Trigger 2 Edge Falling Trig2: VVT Cam Type Exhaust / LH Offset 25 Calibrate Ref Timing Trigger Offset 276 (must check) VVT Control Cam Control System BMW S54 Dual Vanos DI 1-4 (Inlet / LH Cam Position Sensor) Function Cam Position Cam Type Inlet LH Pull up Resistor ON Active Edge Falling Offset 115 Aux 1 (Inlet / LH Cam VANOS Solenoid) Function VVT Solenoid Cam Type Inlet LH Frequency 50 Hz Aux 2 (Inlet / LH Cam VANOS Solenoid) Function VVT Solenoid Cam Type Inlet RH Frequency 50 Hz Aux 3 (Exhaust / LH Cam VANOS Solenoid) Function VVT Solenoid Cam Type Exhaust LH Frequency 50 Hz Aux 4 (Exhaust / LH Cam VANOS Solenoid) Function VVT Solenoid Cam Type Exhaust RH Frequency 50 Hz
  11. Grant Baker

    Sequential on 36-1

    Hi. Just a daft question. On a 36-1 wheel, you can set injection and ignition to sequential, even without a cam sensor. Is this correct?
  12. Grant Baker

    Sequential on 36-1

    What if there is no cam sensor sync selected?
  13. Hi Guys, I wonder if anyone has any info on injectors dead times for Focus RS Mk1 Injectors? We are running them on a blacktop zetec, but struggling to find any info....the code on the injectors is 1M509F593AA... Thanks for any help
  14. Grant Baker

    Sequential on 36-1

    Exactly. So why does it allow it to be selected? Runs fine but obviously it’s batch firing.
  15. Grant Baker

    Knock Setup on G4+ Plug in - EVO 6

    Hi Guys, I've never used the closed loop knock control on a Link G4+ before... Got a sensor from Link, so have a few questions: 1) Is the sensor a 5v and signal or Earth and signal? 2) Any suggested settings to start with? If anybody has a pcl file with knock enabled on an EVO Plug in board that they would like to share I would appreciate it Thanks in advance.,
  16. Grant Baker

    STOP command via CAN

    Thank you. Will try that CAN is working. I just screenshotted that quickly on a different pcl to show the parameters. On the actual map the ID is correct and grey as you say.
  17. Grant Baker

    STOP command via CAN

    Hi Using a PDM (MoTeC) over CAN to a Fury, the Keypad has the engine "Stop" button on it. I've enabled a "receive" Stop Signal can message, but it's not "stopping" the engine when pressed. It is being received correctly, so what is set incorrectly?
  18. Grant Baker

    ASNU Short Pulsewidth Adder

    Hi Guys, Don't suppose anybody has the Short Pulsewidth Adder data for ASNU 1100CC injectors? Can't find it on their site... http://www.asnu.com/injectordata
  19. Grant Baker

    ASNU Short Pulsewidth Adder

    Did you come up with the SPAT and dead times? Could you share them?
  20. Grant Baker

    Assigning Traction Disable to CAN DI

    Thanks Adam
  21. Grant Baker

    Assigning Traction Disable to CAN DI

    Hi Setting up a CAN Keypad at the moment via a MoTeC PDM to control functions on a Link Fury. Setting up traction control seems to be a slight issue as the TC needs a TC Disable switch, but can't assign a CAN DI to a TC Disable function? Any ideas?
  22. Grant Baker

    Assigning Traction Disable to CAN DI

    Just found the solution: Receive the following:
  23. Grant Baker

    First start Honda V6

    Interesting information. Just been given a car to calibrate on a G4+ Fury. It has a modified Nissan CAS with a single slot for cam sync, and a 36-1 trigger wheel on crank with a GT101 sensor. You think the GT101 will be an issue? Engine will be revving to 7500rpm approx. Each tooth is approximately 8x8x8mm
  24. Grant Baker

    S15 Plugin losing power on cranking

    Hey guys, Just fitted an S15 plugin to a PS13 Sylvia. All pins doing as they should etc, but losing 12v to ECU on cranking. Seems that Pin 38 (ECCS 14v Relay) is losing power on cranking. Is this normal on the PS13? Pin 34 is starter signal Pin 36 is Ignition Signal and is live when cranking. Should we swap Pin 38 & Pin 36?
  25. Grant Baker

    S15 Plugin losing power on cranking

    Tried a 3rd laptop... problem sorted... Actually incredible that this turned out to be the issue. Very very weird.