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  1. Hi, I've noticed that the MXS dash with GPS attached says "No nearby tracks" when driving around the street. That's fine... Would expect that! How do you configure each track with start/finish lines etc? Does it automatically do this when it senses a nearby track?
  2. Hi there, We have a little project here that is using BMW E90 hubs and wheel speed sensors. It does not have the ABS unit connected though. Wheel speed sensors are Bosch 0986594572 and are brand new. Initially connected to a thunder (DI 11) with DI11+ and DI11- No signal.... So I've got a spare hub and sensor and no combination of 12v pull ups, earths, etc etc will give us any signal on my scope! Anybody know how the heck to get the sensor to give some sort of signal?? Thanks! PS. Also tried an Audi (also Bosch) wheel speed (ABS) sensor and have the same issue.
  3. Thanks Adam. Do you know of one that IS suitable?
  4. Do you think this one will work ok? https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/solid-state-relays/4914947/ And, do you need a pull-up resistor? I notice Haltech supply one with the relay they sell... https://www.haltech.com/product/ht-030202-solid-state-relay-100-amp/
  5. Hi Guys, Interested in if the numbers in the Help file are useful for Oygenated fuels / Race Fuels? This is what the Help File says: Fuel Density Temperature Coefficients by Fuel type: Fuel Type FDTC (1/deg C) Petrol (Gasoline) 0.00095 Ethanol 0.00109 Methanol 0.00149 Would something like a Sunoco Race Fuel (102 RON, 3.7% Oxygen) have a higher FDTC? Or can we use the Petrol number?
  6. Do you have a link to this item?
  7. Hi. Did you sort this? I'm wondering what sort of Solid State Relay people are using?
  8. It is a MAST Motorsports Engine. Fitted to a GD Cobra rep. We are swapping from the MAST ECU to a Thunder. Not started wiring it yet but noticed there is a VVT output on the MAST ECU Which seems to be wired. So I don't yet have trigger scopes.
  9. Is there a workaround on a Thunder with a new Garrett G series Speed sensor to show the speed accurately? Ignoring additional external hardware I mean...
  10. Hi Has anybody got any base maps or info on setup of an LS7 with VVT? Specifically the VVT setup... Doesn't seem to be a specific LSx VVT Control mode. The system seems to have a PWM control which varies Cam from 7 deg advance to 45 deg retard. Any other issues with stock injectors, coils or sensors on the LS motors? Thanks in advance
  11. Have you rolled forward to the latest firmware?
  12. Should anybody need this... It's actually 13.8:1
  13. That makes perfect sense now. Bit weird that it allows you to over rev despite injector DC being over 100% though!! I assume this is not something that will be fixed and updated?
  14. Hi Got an EVO here with a ViPeC plug in (V series). All was fine and then suddenly on an acceleration ramp test, the rev limit did not activate, and hasn't activated since! Nothing was changed in the tune except some minor fuel tweaks! Any ideas? PCL Attached. Please note it is not finished... AlisonE4wORK.pcl
  15. Hi Guys, Does anybody here know the Stoichiometric value of Sunoco RTF-R5? https://aaoil.co.uk/product/r-tf-turbo-fia-102-ron-90-mon-3-7-oxygen/ Can't find the information anywhere, and obviously it's needed for the Modelled Fuel Equation...
  16. Great - thanks. Temp sensor into an AN Volt as well??
  17. Hi Customer has brought me an EVO 8 to fit a plugin G4+ and he has fitted an Innovate MTX-D Oil Pressure / Temp gauge. He's not keen on fitting "more sensors" to the car, so wants us to use the gauge output... Easy you say? Well no... It's not got analogue outs! Only the MTS Data stream. So, I'm guessing the MTS stream is not able to be input to the G4+, therefore I need to piggy back the pressure and temp sensors. Anybody done this? Any tricks needed?
  18. Hi Anybody here using the AIM GPS08 module with the AIM MXS 1.2 Dash? Did it literally plug in and work? No configuration etc?
  19. And as another FYI: R56 Cooper models are port injection. R56 Cooper S turbo models are DI.
  20. Oooooo. Yes please. I need part number, bolt pattern, ID, OD, connector type and what car they fit. I’ve noticed the VAG ones seem to all hVe same part number except for an additional letter on the end.
  21. Thanks. I'm compiling a big list of bodies, part numbers and bolt patterns Will share it on here when finished.
  22. Do you have the part number?
  23. Actually... turns out it’s a very late R50 LCI model with the port injection Peugeot engine...
  24. Every day is a school day! I thought they were port injection still in 2007 1.6 engines! Thanks Clint
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