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  1. We ended up getting a Bosch ICM instead and wiring the crank sensor direct to the ECU
  2. Hi Guys, Just fitting an ATOM G4+ onto a Ford Fiesta Turbo. Looking at the Ford wiring diagrams there is something I've not seen before and wonder if anybody can shed any light on it: The Crank Position Sensor (CPS) is wired to the Ignition Control Module (ICM) rather than the ECU... There is an output from the ICM to the ECU which appears to be crank position waveform... Is it ok to use this output as the CPS input on the Atom?
  3. It's a percentage duty adder... So add 9.1 if that's what it needs. Check the logging though. To get the same boost in every gear we do our setup in 4th, then add duty in 1,2,3rd and remove duty in 5th.
  4. Found it in the Help File... Help is absolutely amazing with Link tbh... I'm just not used to having such good help files!!
  5. Thanks. I'm not bothered personally, but it's not clear from the spec. In some ways, it's a great idea to keep the sensor "external".
  6. Does the "NEW" Black Storm also have the internal MAP Sensor? Can't see it in the picture, or in the spec (unless I'm blind, which I could be!)
  7. Hi I've got a 2.5 bar Link map sensor here - the extruded aluminium case with the 7 way connector on it. Also got the "MAPL" loom for it. Any ideas which wire does what? Red/blue = White = Green =
  8. Do you think they will upgrade the ATOM ECU as well?
  9. Wow. Thank you VERY much. Incredibly detailed response. This forum is great!
  10. Any further information greatly received! Thanks
  11. Hi Guys, I've never used the closed loop knock control on a Link G4+ before... Got a sensor from Link, so have a few questions: 1) Is the sensor a 5v and signal or Earth and signal? 2) Any suggested settings to start with? If anybody has a pcl file with knock enabled on an EVO Plug in board that they would like to share I would appreciate it Thanks in advance.,
  12. Thank you. Very good information
  13. Grant Baker

    Lambda to AFR

    Update - unistalled software and reinstalled... Problem gone away. How weird is that!?
  14. Grant Baker

    Lambda to AFR

    Interesting - I'm getting the same issue with Lambda showing when everything is configured as AFR... In the CAL4 table which I use for Lambda I have no option to have AFR as output units... Only Lambda.
  15. Hi, No - tried to open the G4 file in the G4+ software. This has worked previously, but not anymore.
  16. Thanks. Not ideal to be honest and takes forever!
  17. Hi, Historically, we have been able to open G4 PCL files in G4+ software when upgrading ECUs... Today I've gone to swap a customer out to a G4+ from his G4 and I can't open the old PCL file in the new software... Says it's "too old". Downloaded an old version of Link G4+ and file wouldn't even open in that! So do I really have to start again from scratch? Plan B is just to copy all of the numbers over, but that's not a 2 minute job! Clearly we will be recalibrating it, but as a start point, the old file worked 100% and had done for a while... HELP
  18. Thanks - that's basically what we have
  19. Just to add... I do realise they don't have "true" VVT - it's just an on/off oil pressure switch.
  20. Hi Guys, Anybody got any example setup info / settings for VVT control on a G4+ plug in for a GTR 33 RB25DET ? In the sample file supplied the Cam control mode is "off". Anybody got a base map they could share with me I would be very grateful... Thanks Grant grant@gb-ent.com
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