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  1. What if there is no cam sensor sync selected?
  2. Hi Guys, I wonder if anyone has any info on injectors dead times for Focus RS Mk1 Injectors? We are running them on a blacktop zetec, but struggling to find any info....the code on the injectors is 1M509F593AA... Thanks for any help
  3. Exactly. So why does it allow it to be selected? Runs fine but obviously it’s batch firing.
  4. Hi. Just a daft question. On a 36-1 wheel, you can set injection and ignition to sequential, even without a cam sensor. Is this correct?
  5. Thank you. Will try that CAN is working. I just screenshotted that quickly on a different pcl to show the parameters. On the actual map the ID is correct and grey as you say.
  6. Hi Using a PDM (MoTeC) over CAN to a Fury, the Keypad has the engine "Stop" button on it. I've enabled a "receive" Stop Signal can message, but it's not "stopping" the engine when pressed. It is being received correctly, so what is set incorrectly?
  7. Did you come up with the SPAT and dead times? Could you share them?
  8. Hi Guys, Don't suppose anybody has the Short Pulsewidth Adder data for ASNU 1100CC injectors? Can't find it on their site... http://www.asnu.com/injectordata
  9. Just found the solution: Receive the following:
  10. Hi Setting up a CAN Keypad at the moment via a MoTeC PDM to control functions on a Link Fury. Setting up traction control seems to be a slight issue as the TC needs a TC Disable switch, but can't assign a CAN DI to a TC Disable function? Any ideas?
  11. Interesting information. Just been given a car to calibrate on a G4+ Fury. It has a modified Nissan CAS with a single slot for cam sync, and a 36-1 trigger wheel on crank with a GT101 sensor. You think the GT101 will be an issue? Engine will be revving to 7500rpm approx. Each tooth is approximately 8x8x8mm
  12. Tried a 3rd laptop... problem sorted... Actually incredible that this turned out to be the issue. Very very weird.
  13. OK... Not laptop or comms cable. Any bright ideas fellas?
  14. Right, the plot thickens... Jumped the power and earth cables. Definitely the +12v rather than earth. However, as soon as the engine cranks, the laptop loses comms still! Engine runs and purrs away, but comms gone. Just about to try a different laptop and comms cable. Will report back.
  15. Awesome. Thanks. Never had this before. Voltage on pin 38 *was* going from 12.4v-10.9v-9.6v-7.7v-5.4v-3.3v. So an earth issue may also make sense. What is a little odd is that it ran fine on stock ECU.
  16. Have you seen comms lost with poor earth?
  17. And as another addendum, it’s actually comms that are being lost, rather than voltage. So why would ecu power down / drop comms while cranking?
  18. Added a 12v supply to pin 38. This didn't fix it... Power is being lost to the ECU even though 12v at ECU now... Any ideas?
  19. Hey guys, Just fitted an S15 plugin to a PS13 Sylvia. All pins doing as they should etc, but losing 12v to ECU on cranking. Seems that Pin 38 (ECCS 14v Relay) is losing power on cranking. Is this normal on the PS13? Pin 34 is starter signal Pin 36 is Ignition Signal and is live when cranking. Should we swap Pin 38 & Pin 36?
  20. I've set this up on 2 cars now and it works fine Tim. Done it exactly as Adam says, but I used Can DI8
  21. I'll give you a shout tomorrow or Friday Tim
  22. I need to control a simple exhaust flap in an exhaust pipe. I need to send a signal by CAN to the JTI MEU to control it. It needs to open when a DI is active and close when the DI is de activated. The flap has no feedback and takes 0.4s to open or close. Tim has said that the MEU will need to see 50% when “idle “ and 25% to shut the flap and 75% to open it. So, Output (any output that can be sent by CAN) needs to sit at 50% until the DI is active and then send 75% for 0.4s, then go back to 50%. When DI drops / deactivates the output needs to go to 25% for 0.4s, then go back to 50%.
  23. Bump! Adam - any chance of some guidance on how to do this strategy with FP Duty so we can send this over CAN?
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