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  1. Hi We have an Xtreme wire in running a fairly normal 4cyl engine. All fine - runs well and everything works as it should... until we turn off the ignition switch. At this point the main relay and fan relays start pulsing away like mad. Off-On-Off-On etc. If we disconnect the battery and reconnect they have stopped, until we turn off the engine next time, at which point it happens again. It seems to be related to the ECU install as it didn't happen before on stock ECU, but can't see what is up. An pointers?
  2. Grant Baker


    Interesting. On my G4 plug in (EVO 4-8) I had AN Volt 1 as Oil pressure and AN Volt 2 as MAP sensor. I've upgraded to the G4+ and MAP is showing correctly (I have kept the external sensor). What is AN Volt 1 now showing me then? I have done no wiring changes.
  3. Grant Baker


    How about the EVO 4-8?
  4. Grant Baker


    Out of interest, which analogue input is assigned to the internal MAP sensor?
  5. Grant Baker

    DBW G4 Storm

    Thanks. Was more interested in price...
  6. Grant Baker

    DBW G4 Storm

    I asked Link about these external controllers. Can you message me with details?
  7. Hi there. On a G4+ Xtreme I have a 4 cyl setup with 4 injectors. For some reason there are 6 injectors assigned outputs, and when I go in to re-assign injector 5 or 6 to, say, ECU hold power or something, it won't allow me. There is a padlock next to the option. Any ideas? EDIT: Found the answer to this... Just power the ECU up! This is something that can only be done with the ECU "live".
  8. Interesting... I decided to go for an Xtreme and wire it in manually. I've not run it yet if I'm honest, but have run a few 1.8Ts now...
  9. Thanks Simon. That's what I suspected...
  10. In the help files it says otherwise Search for Trigger 2 Sync Positioning. On some trigger setups a Trigger 2 Sync is required for the ECU to accurately calculate engine position. Trigger modes Multi-tooth and Multi-tooth / Missing have a setting called Sync Mode that is used to specify the type of Trigger 2 Sync being used. There are some important requirements for the Trigger 2 Sync, failure to follow these requirements may lead to trigger errors occurring and the ECU being unable to calculate the engines position and speed. Multi-tooth Requirements ·When the Trigger Mode is set to Multi-tooth the sync tooth edge must occur within a green 50% zone as shown in the image below. It does not matter which trigger 1 teeth edges the sync tooth edge falls between. Multi-tooth / Missing Requirements ·When the Trigger Mode is set to Multi-tooth / Missing the sync tooth edge must occur within a green 50% zone as shown in the image below. ·The sync tooth edge(s) must also NOT occur in the 'missing tooth gap' or within 30 degrees (crankshaft revolution) of the tooth after the gap.
  11. Hi, Has anybody successfully operated a 5 wire stepper motor before? It's fitted to a Rover T16 (Turbo) Engine. It has 5 pins (well 6, but only 5 used) Pin 1 (Channel 1) Pin 2 +12v Pin 3 (Channel 2) Pin 4 (Channel 4) Pin 5 (Empty) Pin 6 (Channel 3) I suspect that internally the 12v supply is split to both pairs of the stepper. Maximum movement of the stepper motor is 3.75 revolutions, and this is accomplished by 180 steps of 7.5° Can this be operated by Link? I assume if I can ascertain which pair is which I can wire it as a 6 pin stepper?
  12. Hi Guys, I'm setting up an engine that has a 36/1 crank trigger and a cam trigger with a single tooth. I've used the help files, but just to confirm... Crank trigger set so that gap is at (for example) 90 deg BTDC no1. Cam trigger set so that the tooth edge is at TDC no1 on same cycle. This is 90degrees (or 25%) after the Crank trigger gap. Is that correct?
  13. In short - no... I will have the car here soon so we need to discuss this Scott.
  14. I'm afraid that if you want a truly plug and play solution you should look to fit a standard ECU. They plug in and work don't they?
  15. I've fitted these on Subarus and never had any trigger issues. There is a chance you have a spurious wiring issue or something else odd going on. Subarus do seem to have some odd issues now and again!
  16. Any idea where this is in the queue?
  17. Grant Baker

    Power Graph

    Hi Would like the ability to produce a power graph / torque graph from a logged run. It can be done with a 3rd party piece of software (Virtual Dyno), so don't see why it isn't possible within PC Link? If the correct vehicle data is entered appropriately then it should be pretty accurate...
  18. Very helpful Scott. Thank you.
  19. Quick bit of investigation it seems that 1A0, D2 is the ABS light. As a CAN newbie... How can this be "fixed" in the CAN Setup on the G4+? I appreciate you don't have the time to hold hands, but any pointers would be massively appreciated. Thanks
  20. Hi John, This is not a wiring issue IMO. You need to (as we know!) sniff out the CAN data.
  21. Hi Guys, Has anybody got any advice or tutorials on tuning E-Throttles for idle control? I'm having a load of trouble on an Audi 1.8T with E-Throttle. Idle is stable, blip throttle and it settles down fine. Then randomly becomes unstable and pulses... Never had any trouble tuning conventional idle control valves but this particular car is not playing ball!!! I've tried using the Idle Ignition advance table on and off and it certainly helps with it on.
  22. Hi Guys, I know you can buy the expansion loom from Link, but can they supply the connector and pins rather than a pre-constructed loom? If not, anybody know the part number of the connector? I bought them in the past from a company that no longer trade
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