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  1. I'm afraid that if you want a truly plug and play solution you should look to fit a standard ECU. They plug in and work don't they?
  2. I've fitted these on Subarus and never had any trigger issues. There is a chance you have a spurious wiring issue or something else odd going on. Subarus do seem to have some odd issues now and again!
  3. Any idea where this is in the queue?
  4. Grant Baker

    Power Graph

    Hi Would like the ability to produce a power graph / torque graph from a logged run. It can be done with a 3rd party piece of software (Virtual Dyno), so don't see why it isn't possible within PC Link? If the correct vehicle data is entered appropriately then it should be pretty accurate...
  5. Very helpful Scott. Thank you.
  6. Quick bit of investigation it seems that 1A0, D2 is the ABS light. As a CAN newbie... How can this be "fixed" in the CAN Setup on the G4+? I appreciate you don't have the time to hold hands, but any pointers would be massively appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hi John, This is not a wiring issue IMO. You need to (as we know!) sniff out the CAN data.
  8. Hi Guys, Has anybody got any advice or tutorials on tuning E-Throttles for idle control? I'm having a load of trouble on an Audi 1.8T with E-Throttle. Idle is stable, blip throttle and it settles down fine. Then randomly becomes unstable and pulses... Never had any trouble tuning conventional idle control valves but this particular car is not playing ball!!! I've tried using the Idle Ignition advance table on and off and it certainly helps with it on.
  9. Hi Guys, I know you can buy the expansion loom from Link, but can they supply the connector and pins rather than a pre-constructed loom? If not, anybody know the part number of the connector? I bought them in the past from a company that no longer trade
  10. Grant Baker

    GDI on Diesel

    Possibly a silly question, but could the new GDI control be used on a diesel car?
  11. Interesting... So If I sniff out the CAN data, can this be decoded by Link to sort the issue?
  12. I don't have a CAN Sniffer. Is there any software out there that can be used with an OBD cable etc?
  13. Hi Scott, Thank you for that. We have now tried the Golf GTi option and now the ABS light has gone out, but not the ESP light. Is this something we can sort easily? With the stock ECU in place there are no errors.
  14. Grant Baker

    CANDASH Cable

    Perfect - thank you. Have you set up many CAN streams on OEM cars?
  15. Definitely Thunder IMO. Sounds like a great project! Where are you based?
  16. Hi guys, Just installed a TT Plugin G4+ into a SEAT Ibiza 1.8T. Same plugs etc, same pins etc, so all went well. Car runs lovely as expected. Only issue(s) are as follows, and are probably just a single setup error! 1) Traction and ABS lights are illuminated on the car's dash 2) Got some CAN errors on the Runtime list Have we got something set up incorrectly in the CAN stuff?
  17. Grant Baker

    CANDASH Cable

    Hi there, I can't find any wiring information for the CANDASH Cable. Anybody got any diagrams for this?
  18. Grant Baker

    Base map

    Where did you get the ECU?
  19. Thank you Rich. The Gain of 1 - is this in the Main settings you mean? IE: Knock Mode - Internal Freq Channel - 6khz Gain Channel - 1 Clear I-Trim etc etc? I found that with the recommended setting of 100 in the Gain channel that the noise was way too much and just revving the car at standstill produced a knock level of 700-800!!
  20. Hi Guys. Just about to install a P+P G4+ WRX 5/6 to a 2000 Subaru Impreza UK Turbo WRX. Has anybody got any example knock settings for the stock knock sensor? Specifically the Knock Frequency, Gain Channel etc? Thanks in advance.
  21. Hi Guys, Does anybody have injector deadtimes etc for the Nissan SR20DET 370cc injectors?
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