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  1. Hello does anybody had luck to make e46 m3 shift light work with link or vipec ecu? When u select mini in can stuff cluster works but im sure shift light and coolant warmup warning lights need custom can setup can anybody share ? thanks
  2. i put different ecu on same car and copied tune from ecu with rpm issues to another one.. so now car runs just fine as before...
  3. tried: triggerscope - looks fine tried setting trig 2 sync mode to "none" - still same checked one by one trigger sensors and replaced both sensors few times rewired sensors directly from ecu to sensor separately to exclude any mechanical issues - still same Adamw told me to check for broken sensor ground wire - jumpered both sensor grounds on ecu and still same. upgraded firmware in ecu, loaded tune file in ecu, went through all settings - still same , cranks and shows crazy rpm figures copied same tune file to another ecu, and car fired up nicely and runs smoothly, no rpm issues at all. put old ecu back, still same rpm issue. there was no work done on car, it was just parked and for no reason started to act like that. never seen anything like that.
  4. Hello i have really strange issue on car which was running perfectly fine, i removed ecu from car, by disconnecting both connectors of loom, connect it back and car does not start. i see rpm signal is flactuating badly what i tried so far: 1) replaced crank sensor 4 times 2) checked gap between sensor and trigger wheel (0.8mm) 3) checked cam trigger signal 4) disconnected all sensors from car (map, pressure sensors) also including fuel pump relay 5) reloaded tune again and stored it 6) tried to play with rpm filtering and trigger filtering 7) turned off injectors 8) turned off ignition coils 9) changed wiring from trigger1 to ecu 10) checked 5v to trigger 1 sensor - all good and does not disappear when cranking 11) checked ground and checked signal wires also rewired but still same datalogged captured via trigger scope nothing helped so far... here are all kind of logs and screens please kindly see and suggest what im missing here... trigger-log.llg trigger-setupv2-trig2off.pclr Trigger Scope Log 2018-09-20 5;24;55-v2 pm.llg
  5. what ignition coils are u running and what igniters? what dwell ?
  6. Does Launch control turn off itself after several seconds of banging? is that option that does ecu or i am setting up something wrong? i had several times issue that i was banging on the line for more than 5-7 seconds or so anyways longer than usual and it just stopped to bang so car bogged
  7. this is not completed tune file, im trying to figure out throttle issues before i will go for full adjustments
  8. First file was mistake there was AP main instead of TP Main here is correct one so looks like i need to enter 4.1 in TPS Sub closed
  9. OK here is log and file with exact your settings it didnt fluctuate now but did give error code when i set from setup mode to ON cold-start-throttle-off.llg cold-start-throttle-off.pclr
  10. i mean i tried that settings, tried to play with it as well - no difference still jumping up and down itself... no matter what...
  11. Ok so i adjusted settings as per instructed above removed 4 or 5 springs from throttles to make it easy as possible Now i'm facing really weird problem throttle is jumping up and down open / close itself... tried to calibrate automatically or manually it still does same thing from time to time... i have logged that event so please kindly see log and tune file. thanks in advance WTF-THROTTLE.llg WTF-THROTTLE-MAP.pclr
  12. Thank you very much i will give it try and post results can i try this on stock springs Yet? thanks
  13. i do calibrate automatically as instructed, how can i calibrate it else it is always like that no matter how i may times i do calibration it does same thing... any hints suggestions for it as well as PID ? i will remove springs but will that change TP Main and sub?
  14. here is second log and tune file with different settings i changed throttle MAIN and SUB on inputs , recalibrated settings and ran it... please kindly see log file where throttle goes OFF itself after some time. you can see it when rpm goes as low as 650ish... please suggest what to look for throttle-test-2.pclr throttle-went-off.llg in this picture throttle is off
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