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  1. I've driven a fair few of them, yet to put up with the wait of 18 months for the one I want. so I will wait and see what after market goodies are offered for them and then order one in a few years. I was hoping LINK would do something as I have had great success with my 4ag an the g4
  2. Okay, was looking at 9000 limiter cut with a estimated power output of 280kw ATW on 28 psi. As long as it will be accurate when I put it on the dyno, if the unit ever fails I will go down that path [it is more common due to heat soak as it sits 20mm above the turbo manifold] just for reference what sensor should I use.
  3. hi, On my 4agte with a 4agze is there any advantage running a 36-1 trigger wheel and sensor off the crankshaft? i was going to still run the CAS as a reset signal for the sequential ignition as i was advised by a friend to do so. What brand of sensor would you recommend to use with the link also? and can talk me through setting it up settings?
  4. Hi team, Do you have an idea if you are going to do a plug and play ECU for the 86/BRZ? i can guarantee at lease one sale from me Thanks
  5. Thought i'd add abit more information to the differences in the engines. The Caldina has: Camshaft postion sensor like the 2grfe's coil on plug 540cc injectors... just to name a few of the differences, would it be likely to still be plug and play?
  6. hi, basicly i was seening if you can use one of the link g4 plug and play ecu's for the ST246 toyota caldina. i noticed the mr2 and celica were covered but no mention of the caldina. also does it retain all of the factory features like knock control and cruise control? Or would i be better off installing an extreme g4? i orignally was looking at an emanage ultimate for easy of use and all the factory ecu features but im hopeful that you can help me out as the link ecus are a great bit of gear... thanks in advance, chris
  7. Chris Young

    G4 KnockLink

    Hi, Is the knew knock link able to run more than 1 Knock sensor? Just thought I'd ask the quesion
  8. makes 130KW on 8PSI out of a 1.6 with very conservative timing. Thanks Link Team, you Rock!
  9. this is the cranking after you wait 10 seconds or so after key on Let me know your thoughts
  10. this is what happens when you turn the car on straight. done multiple times to see whats wrong
  11. This is my latest pcl config
  12. Nope, reading is fine, 35 degrees and constant. [for 4 seconds anyway] Still same problem, i have 5 -7 seconds of car running time/ starting time once i put power to the ecu. After that time it doesn't shut off, but it wont let the car start, the starter motor will keep turning the engine and i have both fuel and spark.
  13. I'll check that but I'm sure i looked over that a month ago when it wouldn't start, I'll let you know tomorrow after i test it tonight
  14. The only reason i ask is because the wiring is the same, the components are the same, the triggers are the same, sensors are the same. The only things that have changed are the engine internals, turbo size, exhaust & a new gearbox, it doesn't make sense to me
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