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  1. hey guys can you identify this ecu for me   WRX97P 775   thank you
  2. Are there any alternatives to the mpx5700ap or is it of your under 22psi you run the 2.5 and over you run the 7? Â Will the 7bar still be accurate for what we are trying to acheive?
  3. Do you recommend swapping to the 7 bar or keep gm 3bar?
  4. Between 15-25 psi boost would be the range it is going to be used in
  5. http://www.linkecu.com/forums/lem/115147585    have just found this also   if i was looking to run 25psi boost http://nz.rs-online.com/web/p/pressure-sensors/7191106/   MPX5700AP would this replacement internal map sensor would be suitable or far too large?  This would also be set to 7 BAR Map Sensor on the PC Link software
  6. I have found some datasheets to identify the pins of the internal map sensor with map signal(vout) ground and the 5v input(VS or vcc) but unsure of the others be V1, V2, and VEX
  7. Hi guys  I have a LEM G3 running an ej20 subaru racecar Currently im looking at using this instead of upgrading and juggle a few things and put a few different connectors to analog and digital inputs but my question is because i have upgraded to g4 software and i want to run more than 21psi (3bar) I have to run a GM 3BAR I now have no inputs left for say flexi fuel ethanol sensor, boost control dial or oil temp  Is it possible to remove the internal map sensor and solder wires in the same location or my GM 3 bar sensor ?
  8. Thank you  yes I have the throttle body sorted for use with the cable  on another not I am going to run a bmw e30 era bosch 2 pin idle 2port control solenoid with a port tapped into the bottom of the intake manifold   what are some base setting to get me started? aux out set to isc solenoid around 50-100hz DC ?
  9. I have been reading through your link manuals for wiring etc etc Im wiring the coils as we speak with one power feed to each bank on the 2uzfe drawing G08 noted on the right hand side at the bottom is advises to run a suppressor for both sides   what size suppresor will suit? 0.5mfd 1 mfd 3mfd ? Thank you
  10. Hey Im installing a 1uzfe with vvti with fbw throttle into a hiace van for a mate I have most of the wiring sorted using a STORM  Which throttle body is everyone using when converting to cable? just a similar sized universal and adaptor plate if I cant find one that bolts on and crack open for idle or is there a direct bolt on with ISC aswell ? with the vvti I can only run a 3 wire solenoid type will probably go with a bmw unit if I need to and tap into the manifold if I have to Have people used the factory units? for the tps and the cable part of it anyway?  Thanks in advance
  11. is it possible this could be an earthing issue through the sump? its still about 20degrees out at running temp  I had the same problem with the sensor I got with my link
  12. Hello  I have a g4 storm for my Subaru and ecu mounted in oem location  wanting to set up and oil temp sensor in the sump have had problems with 2 of the sensors I have been trying to use the way it is set up is  an volt 1 with pull up resistor wired into 5v then to pin on sensor 1st was a sensor sold with my link  the calibration table wasn't very close at all and as temperature changed it started to go way off again as I have have an autometer mechanical temp gauge plumed in right next to link sensor in my sump  the calibration table I used was supplied from the link dealer I got it from   I believe this sensor was damaged so replaced with  the second sensor is a vdo sensor 50-150C  323-18ohm  I tried this set up the same way and just the signal wire back to ecu as grounds through sump  and sensor is still out all over the place  the main reason I have the sensor is so I have set a cold temp rpm limit and then also shut it down when it gets to hot  Am I doing something wrong in set up ? does this sensor need the pull up resistor?   the wiring is also been added to over the original loom length so I can get the wiring across top of motor and down past uppipe and under the the rh side of sump
  13. Hello just bought new g4 storm and doing install now only part im stuck on is the sheilding for cam and crank on a subaru i am using a g4 with the basic loom and cutting wires i need from behind factory plug and joining so later if i need to can re solder back to oem anyways im up to doing the cam and crank triggers  the + and -ve are easy to understand and wire but what about the sheilded part  do i just wire that into the factory sheild on the oem loom  or?Â
  14. Heya, im looking at upgrading a toyota starlet 4efte with a td05 turbo and i came accross this ecu on the internet (turbo Link) as im not looking for a full aftermarket ecu will this work with the fuelling and timing boost the car is allready factory trbo will this unit still work? Cheers
  15. heya sorry i emailed you on the computer i was but it was a different email address my email is pearlescent_panda@hotmail.com im looking at running a g3 as i would really like to keep the costs as low as possible cheers
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