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  1. Hi all ive been chasing poor idle issues with my engine round in circles for some time now and have finally got to the point im going to ask for help. I get a miss fire at idle where ive got it set at 1200rpm which is manageable but annoying and if i try to set it down below 1000rpm its not manageable which i think it should be happy at 900rpm. the engine is a ford 2000ohc from a sierra with a uk assembled oem multipoint fuel injection manifold running bosch 320cc injectors in sequential fuelling. im triggering from the orignal distributor drive with a nissan 360 opto from a ca18det, and using a 2ch ignitor running evo 2 post coils running waste spark. internaly its got 10.5 to 1 compression ratio, gp1 valves, porting, a kent fr34 cam and a lightened flywheel . Ive tryed closed loop idle and ive tryed open loop idle, ive tryed all kinds of different frequencys for running the iac valve, ive tryed 8 degrees all the way up to 25 degrees btdc ignition timing at idle and it strangely prefers lots of timing at idle hence where ive got it set at the moment. Ive built this map up over the last 3 odd years and it preforms well and has ok drive ability. This is the first link ive ever owned and tuned and im not expert by any standards so dont take the piss out of me to much with my base map. Any help to get to the bottom of this would be much appreciated. escort latest.pcl Log 26-06-18 10;46;16 am idle issue.llg
  2. The other bizzare thing is that when ive changed from waste spark to direct to try work out if im set up to fire on 1 not 4 it started when i cranked it and ran just the same as on waste spark. my ignition outputs are channel 1 to ignitor 1 and channel 2 to ignitor 2. 3 and 4 arnt wired to anything.
  3. After more tinkering ive got abit of a suspect coil but that dosent appear to have been the problem, Ive now got it running on another pair of coils and its the same. its like cylinders 2 and 3 are timed wrong, Ive got 1 timed correctly and its only 1 and 4 that are doing anything. I changed from waste spark to direct and ran the timing light again to make sure i wasnt 180 out and actualy firing on 4 and throwing out the sequential injection but its timed for number 1 cylinder. Im using a nissan 360 opto as the trigger and i can manualy turn it 360 degress and lock it anywhere i want, ive pulled the dust cap off the back of it and set the crank up to my base timing at 12 degrees btdc on cylinder 1 and marked the cas shaft to the housing as another referance i can look at with the timing light. But when looking with the light and the engine is running on its 2 cylinders the cas marks are 180 out. any positive input on other things to cheak would be much appreciated
  4. Hi, Ive got a waste spark set up on my engine run by a g4 atom, its a first time install, and ive got it running on 2 cylinders only but it runs lol. problem being that one coil wont fire when the engine is running as ive got no signal to my timing light, but when i proform an ignition test both coils run fine any thoughts?
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