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  1. sorry, i am using SPARKER TCIP4 for my ignition control i am stuck with running 3 seperate hardware units as not much hardware supports up to 25,000 rpm.
  2. Hello Link Engine Management I have am looking for professional logging software for a race bike. Currently I have these 3 hardware units for monitoring A/F ratio, knock and ignition map. I was also wanting to connect things like temperature and pressure sensors too. http://ignitech.cz/english/aindex.htm http://wbo2.com/3a1/default.htm (with usb connection) http://www.phormula.co.uk/KnockMonitor-KS-4.aspx What I am looking for is an application that can consolidate my 3 pieces of hardware and log them all in realtime. I am also needing this software to be able to be customisable or skinnable as I am wanting to use this software as a fulltime virtual dashboard. I quite like the curved bars. So it leaves me with the problem of connecting the hardware to the software. Is your software able to do so? If so, do you know where I might be able to learn how to configure it? Best Regards Brendan
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