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  1. iecku

    Blown engine!

    Some strange settings, but fuel seems to be fine. IAT´s are strange unconstant. Knock control isn´t setup as it should be! Can´t see, if it was knock related failure. However i think ignition timing is 3-4 degrees off, what i have seen to other high power 3sgte´s. Is the ignition timing matched between engine and ecu? Could you let us know more about the setup? Early Gen3 3sgte tend to blow the cylinder wall with forged internals.
  2. iecku

    3sgte knock gain

    Attached a typical 3SGTE Gen3 Knock Setup with the Bosch Sensor....
  3. iecku

    3sgte COP conversion rev counter

    I am doing a lot COP conversions on 3sgte´s. This was the only way which really worked for me!
  4. iecku

    2JZ Piston Pitting Or (Knocked Issue)

    Why do you use tps instead of map as axis on a turbocharged car?
  5. iecku

    Internal knk on ttlink

    German: Der Gain Cyc 1-4 darf defintiv nicht 0 sein. Eher mit 1 starten und dann einzeln so anpassen das die Zylinder sich im Log von der Lautstärke ähneln. Außerdem ist Knock Detection der einzelnen Zylinder ausgeschaltet! ;-) Kock Freq würde ich auch anpassen... Versuche mal die Map im Anhang jochen1.8tknock-rework.pclr
  6. Hey Adam, that was exactly the answer i was hoping for! :-)
  7. Just some small questions.... When i use a flexfuel sensor, the ecu would be able to fuel temperature to calculate fuel density. Is it done in the actual firmware? Regarding IAT Mode...is the IAT trim table a trim above the ideal gas law? I haven´t found anything in the online help, if you should put in the ideal gas law differences or let it zero for a starting point.
  8. iecku

    Knock level limited?

    Hey Simon, thanks for the reply. I was also thinking that the sensor could be the reason as this is the only part which is different to the other engines before. I am going to try a different one! But i think it is a bit strange that it cuts straight at knock level 400 as i thought the gain is done by internal knock detection. I attached the log and the tune with the low gain setting. I stopped the dyno session after that as there were too much other problems with the car. dyno knock level issue verly low gain.pclr dyno very low gain.llg
  9. iecku

    Knock level limited?

    Hey I am currently tuning a MR2 [MR2 V2-3 #TST205 latest firmware] with a 10mm bosch knock sensor. I was trying to adjust the gain of the knock channel so that all cylinders are running around max. 4-500 under normal conditions. But it seems that all recorded levels above 400 are cut down to 400. Typical max values are 1000! Using a very low gain [max levels below 400] i see the typical rising curve of a knock sensor on a normal operating engine. I haven´t had this problem on other 3sgte´s with a link g4+ before and can´t find any setting which will cause this problem. Heiko
  10. Hey there Any news about this or a helpful workaround?
  11. Hey Is it possible to get a interpolate between option for the TC slip% tables similar to the option at the boost tables? Depending on track, surface and tyres it would be very helpful for the driver. :-) Seen that on motec and syvecs ecu´s! Regards Heiko
  12. iecku

    Additional boost trim tables

    Hey Any news in this or a helpful workaround?
  13. iecku

    Running out of fuel - RB26

    Hey I am currently tuning a R33 GTR. I am using the modeled fuel model to calculate fuel on this project. If you look at the log i am running out of fuel above 4,5k (tip-in hasn´t been tuned yet). I think it is a bit strange, cause the inj duty is only 55% and i already hit the fuel table limit with 150. On the first look of the fuel tables shape i would say it is a hardware issue, but if looking on the data i would say i need to rescale the fuel table. But i haven´t found a way to do something like this. It would also make no sense, cause i thought the modeled fueling will generate a true VE map. Perhaps somebody has an advice for me. :-) patrick kein sprit.llg
  14. iecku

    G4+ Extreme [Red] - Link-Display & CAN-EGT

    i am nt sure if i can use the CAN2 module with this ecu!?
  15. Hey I am looking to connect a can-egt module to a link g4+ extreme red which has currently a link display on its output port. Could i just wire the can-egt to can H and can L and configure it like in the picture below?