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  1. im running my G4 storm wire in in a evo 3. yeah turns out it is normal i send my link up this week to LINK, got it checked out for this what i thought was a fault and also another usb problem so big thanks to link for the fast and great support!! even got pc link working last night! jase
  2. hey On the side of the g4 storm case theres a blue LED light is this LED ment to stay blue when the key is turned on and then turn off once key is turned off? ive checked voltages etc (all fine) brought a brand new g4 storm this week began to wire it up and now need to get the laptop (running vista) to talk to it to configure things but not having any luck but before going to fare im wondering what this LED does been threw the manual and all i can find on LEDs on side of case is for the E THROTTLE , tryed google and forums but no such luck and i personally dont no anyone with a g4 or had anything to do with then what mines doing is when i turn the key on it gives a flash then goes out, and then when i turn the key back off it gives a flash aswell, normal or not? thanks jase mcmullin
  3. thanks heaps for the replys. was a great help. im going to try and get brand new we connectors and make one continious wire from computer to plug next problem i live in nz and ive been around my local firms asking about were to get the we plugs and everyone cant really tell me were to get them from so help from who ever in nz on were to get the we pins/connectors from thanks again jase
  4. im unsure if this is the correct forum page for me to write this in but its to do with a g4 so il try my luck what im after is what people have found to be the best way to connect the link loom to the plugs on the engine reason im asking is the poeple i have asked have contridicted them selfs the ways ive been told are ****soldering (but then told from another person dont solder the solder joins get old and go dry) ****pull the plug apart and join the wire from the link right to the we brass conectors (so its a full one piece wire without any joins) but im worryed about damaging the wires getting the we brass conectors out ****the last option was a guy saying that he dont trust solder but he used the we brass ring type things that ya squash up (ya sometimes see it when people have made two wires into one) im really lost and would like to get this link wired up and car going thanks in advance jase mcmullin
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