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  1. Hi David, when i disconnect ECCS relay, engine shuts down.
  2. No any aftermarket devices is not, I unplug the alarm
  3. Thanks Simon, I have tried to disconnect all devices including the connector inside the car, but Link does not turn off.
  4. You said unplug each device one by one. What is devices?
  5. again checked with a Link and noticed 0.5V at the 45th at key OFF
  6. When the ignition is switched OFF 12V goes only on 16-pin and 58-pin. When switched ON 12V - on the 58th, 49th, 59th and 45th, and 16th - 0V with the stock ECU. With Link 12B - 58th, 49th(?), 59th(?), and 16th when switch OFF. It can be diode?
  7. Thank you very much for your reply Unfortunately switched on dip switches to suit R34GTR solves nothing, light on the Link as lights when the ignition is off, and the engine does not start at all. Power supply at pin connectors are on â„–58 (battery) and â„–16 (ECCS relay), with the stock ECU everything is working properly. I have not devices like turbo-timer or similar What else could be the problem?
  8. Hi, is there a problem with the Link G4 + Nissan Skiline GTS / GTR, Link works with the ignition off, even connects to the laptop. If I run the engine, and then turn off the ignition and take out the key, the engine and Link continue to work, even though all other devices are turned off. Engine stalls only when I click on the gas. On a standard ECU everything is working fine. Where there may be a problem. GTR32 RB26 engine, MT, the jumper is removed, the trigger method to "other models" Please helpÂ
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