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  1. Hey Guys ! Â Just wondering if you were going to make provision for gear cut based on an AV 0-5v sensor Ie gearshift lever sensor for shif cut ? Lots of customers with sequential boxes these days... Thanks ! Â KPA
  2. Are we able to log, target afr and actual AFR ? Thanks ! KPA
  3. Hello, Best way is to remove the electonic thermostat. Replace with a gutted thermostat housing and install a restrictor plate to slow down the flow of the coolant ! Cheers ! KPA
  4. Hello Felix. Â A few errors there buddy. Narrow band is actually 0-1.2 volt max the scale is aways rich to lean... Wide band is indeed 0-5v But 0v is 7.35 AFR and 5v is 22.39 AFR
  5. Actually me too ! Â Please send it to me also ! Â karim@lachuteperformance.com
  6. Hello Jurgen, With this we are able to know quickly which file was saved. It prevents Map versions screwups and so on and so forth... Â KPA
  7. I have something i can send you.  Send me and email and i will send it to you !  karim@lachuteperformance.com  Cheers !  KPA
  8. chassis ground. on the engine or frame. Â cheers
  9. ECu ground to the batt - through the chassis if you wish. Sensor ground: from sensors to the ecu terminals only. Â Do not connect the together. Â KPA
  10. Notice there were 3 wire sensors that were reluctors.  sig-grnd-shield  That might also be the problem.  KPA
  11. Hello guys, Â We have done 4 installs on a S54B32 engine ALL with the same problem at diff RPM and the solution we found was swiching the wires on the connections... are you using the original sensors ? Â Thanks ! KPA
  12. Gents ! Â Here is another brilliant idea like the telephone from Canada !! Being able to save the file name in the ecu and being able to retreive the file from the ecu WITH the name ! Â Thanks ! Â KPA
  13. Hello You need the following connections: \ AUX 1 VVT inlet right AUX 2 VVT inlet left AUX 3 VVT exh right AUX 4 VVT exha left DI 1 cAm pos inlet LH Trig 1 crank Trig 2 Cam Tri g 2 VVTI exh LH trig offset 270 deg... Try that KPA
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