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  1. Now that we have upgraded processing power, can we get a fuel film model for acceleration enrichment or the option to use fuel film modelling vs the multitude of enrichment tables we currently have?
  2. Kelly Gordon

    G4+ replacement

    I know you guys are hard at work on the G4+ replacement ECU. Any estimates on when it may be ready for prime time. I'm looking at a Fury but would hate to have a new, more capable ECU come out right after I buy a G4+ Fury.
  3. Dyno results for my Full Race EFR 7670 kit on CA91 octane pump gas, pump and 50/50 meth, and C16 with inadequate boost control tappering to 25 psi at redline. Actually all three tunes taper to 25 psi except for the pump gas tune @ 16 psi.
  4. Not really sure what a good price is. I was looking for around a grand for the ECU and an Innovate lc-1 wideband. No loom inlucded.
  5. I have a Link G4 Extreme Pro, Silver box with all the features and I'm looking to upgrade to the G4+. Is it all right to post items for sale on the forums?
  6. Are there any options for CAN wideband sensors with the G4+
  7. The latest version of PCLink for the G4 should work. Just make sure you don't use the PCLink for the G+ range of ECUs.
  8. Depending on the settings for edge triggering and the pull up resistor can effect how the sensor reads.
  9. Previously Mitchell Middleton wrote: Hi Link staff. Just got my Nissan S15 tuned with plug in G4. It is fairly stock but it also has the Link 3 port boost solenoid running 14psi. However I noticed my tuner has tuned it in open loop mode. ( not closed loop ) Is this unusual?  That would be a question for your tuner. All Link did was provide options of either open or closed loop for tuning, you tuner decided to choose open loop. Its easier and quicker to set up open loop boost control so ask him if that is the reason.
  10. I run the AEM 150 psig sensor for my fuel pressure and oil pressure indication. You really need to make sure the +5v and analog out wires aren't swapped on the AEM sensor compared to the stock one. Other than that there is no reason it shouldn't work.
  11. Previously Jeremy Towers wrote: Hi I am running a silver G4 Xtreme using internal knock control. I seem to be getting valid knock readings when the system is working. The problem is that every time I load a saved pcl file from my laptop the knock control turns itself off. It can take several attempts and stores to switch it back on again. Can you suggest what might be causing this? Also, on the 'knock setup' page there is an entry for 'Freq' and 'Gain', then lower down there are two more entries with the same names. Are there two lots of filters? Can you clarify that? thanks. Maybe my settings are causing the problem above. I am running PCLink and Firmware. Knock sensors are the standard LS2 ones. Cheers, Jeremy  Everytime to upload a new map knock control will turn itself off. Not sure why but it does. To speed things along, upload your map, store and save it. Disconnect then reconnect then you will be able to enable knock control again. Perform another store and save and it will be active until you upload a new map. As long as you make your map changes online there is no reason you have to upload the map from the PC. I know some people open the last save version of their map then hit the connect button and it ask if you want to upload the map but if no changes where made it should be the same map currently loaded in the Link so you can just click no.
  12. Just an FYI, 2000 miles since going back to 4.9.8 firmware and the injector problem still has not resurfaced. Is it possible for the firmware to be corrupted on download but the EMS not show any errors or faults? Like I said before the only thing that has changed since I had the initial problem was the firmware.
  13. Just and update... The car has been running great for the last 850+ miles since the firmware roll back. Is anyone looking for possible glitches in the 4.9.9 firmware. I have attached the map I was running and had problem with. The only thing to change was the firmware.  I came very close to hydrolocking my motor more than once due to this problem and it could very well be an expensive glitch for someone if they aren't paying attention.
  14. Previously murray douglas wrote: hi i have a link g4 extreme with a g4 adaptalink for my r33 gtr when i bought this years ago i also got an inovate lc-1 wb now i got a loom as attached  but have lost the bit of paper that told me what wire is what does anyone have the wireing guide for this for an lc-1   Check out page 12.  http://www.linkecu.com/support/documentation/g4-engine-management-documentation/subaru-v10-adaptor-manual#
  15. No other changes where made besides the firmware rollback. So far I have about 300 miles on the car and the drivability has been great.  The last dyno session I had (with 4.9.9 firmware) had to be cut short because the engine was very knock happy and wouldn't take more than 13 degrees ignition advance without maxing out the knock sensors on cylinders 2&4. On the same map and a map with a slightly more aggressive timing map loaded the knock sensor has been essentially silent so far. I haven't really taken the time to flog the car yet but so far the car is running wonderfully. Â
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