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  1. No, nothing special about them as they are hooked up to teh same place in the. You can hook up you DVM and meassure the resistance betweent the pins (shield gnd and sensor gnd) on the ecu if you want for peace of mind.
  2. Its where you are supposed to gound the shield of shielded cables. Shielded cables should be used for triggerwires for example. Things you want to shield against noise. However the shield gnd and the sensor gnd inputs are connected to the same spot internaly in the ecu so it doesnt really matter witch one you use.
  3. He is probably refeering to the sensor calibrationtables Dave. The ones he got only 6 for. Not the 20. Although 20 is also on the shy side if you get creative with a 6 or 8 cyl engine going individual tables on everything.. However Giles. Your prayers might be heard pretty soon
  4. What you do Gustaf is to open up the ECU and disconnect the wires at the board connector. You will see what i meen once you got it open.
  5. Here it is better expalined what Dave talks about. http://www.linkecu.com/support/documentation/technical-notes/preventing-auxiliary-channel-backfeeding.pdf Make sure no relay that is connected to the ecu has a constant 12v supply.
  6. Example of the sollution to your problem can be found here. Â http://blog.rossperformanceparts.com/category/crank-cam-trigger-kits/ Â Do something like this or live with timingscatter.
  7. Press on that gray part a little to push it a little bit out of the connector. Then just pull the wires out. Really easy to do on theese ones.
  8. And of course there is the added heat that two pumps running full tilt will put into the fuel
  9. You can if you use the function 'FP speed' on one of your aux outputs ,and use the designated output to ground a relay feeding that other pump. You can span it over injector dutycycle and RPM. You CAN run both at the same time. It just depends on your system. One problem you MIGHT run into are 'regulator overrun' Thats when your pumps are pumping more fuel than your injectors use and what your regulator are able to bypass. Fuelpressure will then increase unnintencialy.
  10. Swap the disk in your CAS with one of theese http://www.aemelectronics.com/cas-disk-for-rb25det-vg-and-some-rb26-engines-50mm-od-1251 and set trigger 2Â accordingly.
  11. Enough fuel? Tried to increase coldstart numbers. How is your fuelpressure?
  12. Did you actually also CALIBRATE the timing? With a timinglight? Have you confirmed that you got spark and injector signal? If your engine can breathe and has good compression, good camtiming, spark at the right time and fuel injected at the right time it will start. Figure what it is missing
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