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  1. Hi could someone please inform me of the use of the shield gnd (ground?) wire on the G4 Storm? cheers Aaron
  2. Hi i am having trouble powering up my g4 storm. i would like to configure it before install in to vehicle. when connecting to a 12v source the blue light on the ecu illuminates momentarily then goes out? pc link then tells me to check power to ecu? any help would be appreciated thanks. Aaron
  3. I have a MAF base tune derived from megasquirt and would like to use as a base tune for my G4 storm.is anyone able to convert MAF to MAP? thanks
  4. Hi all, I have a FORD 2.3 turbo and are looking for a base start up tune, these engine are popular in the US and the maps I have managed to find are for the Megasquirt which is common in the US. can anyone help me convert megasquirt maps into link storm compatible maps cheers Aaron Â
  5. Hi anyone have a base map for a FORD 2.3 turbo (us pinto L4) cheers Aaron
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