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  1. Hi guys, currently wiring in a link g3 onto a Saab b204 engine with a set of Siemens deka 630cc injectors, would anyone have a base map so I can get this thing started? thanks in advance
  2. Hi Simon thanks for the fast reply, the ignition timing is at factory 10 btdc with the timing light, car was running great before I changed to coils, what I have done so far is wired coil 1 to ign 1 coil 2 to ign 2 amd so on, then set ign type to direct spark done a ign test each coil fired, I set the spark duration to 1.2 and rising edge as Ian said i also cut g1 from the dizzy amd connected g2 insstead, when turNing engine over trig 1 and trig2 both say ok, however trig error count goes red amd starts counting, I haven't done a trigger calibration yet, also how do I enter the fire order correctly in the software? I can send a copy of the map if it helps? Many thanks
  3. just tried this but still no start, it did splutter a bit tho like it was wanting to start but couldn't I've tested all the coils and they all spark is there anyway it could be sparking in the wrong order? Or does the ecu work out when to fire it? At wits end here as need the car back on road thanks in advance
  4. I wil try this soon as I get my cam cover back thanks alot for the reply
  5. hi ive fitted 1zz coils to my 3sgte, have set it to direct spark, what should i set the max advance to? it says 42.0 btdc at the moment do i change this? also is it meant to be set to rising or falling edge? and what ms do i set the spark duration to? is there anything else i need to change on the software to get it running? thanks
  6. at the moment when its turning over can here popping in the exhaust after a while and smell of fuel from exhaust so think it must be dumping to much fuel in to start, so if i take the number i have in master and multiply by 0.7 should be nearer starting?
  7. hi, having bother starting my 3sgte had 850cc injectors in it before i have changed to 1200cc rc injectors now but dont know how to adjust ecu to get them started? thanks
  8. ok kool and do i have injector 1 and 2 in one drive 3 and 4 in other, or do i do 1 and 3 and 2 and 4? thanks
  9. i have just built a corolla 3sgte i am using a link g3 in it, i also have a 3sgte mr2 which i have link g4 in, is there anyway i could load the map from my g4 into my g3 to get the car running? also my g4 has four injection drives but g3 only has two where do i pin the injector three and four on the ecu plug? thanks
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