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  1. Ferenc

    Antilag problem

    Good news. Great improvements. Thanks again!
  2. Ferenc

    Antilag problem

    Good news. The car works good with theese settings. Thanks a lot !!! But i've got a question. The cyclic ide only working when the antilag is turned on. But if i want to use permanently opened throttle plate, than i won't have cyclic idle withou antilag?
  3. Ferenc

    Antilag problem

    Thanks for your answer. The TPS is closed in normal mode, but when i turn on the antilag, the solenoid opens the throttle about 20%. I've tried with cyclic idle turned off, but the problem still exist. Now i'll try your suggested settings soon.
  4. Ferenc

    Antilag problem

    I forget to mention that the problem exist no matter what i write into the antilag maps.
  5. Ferenc

    Antilag problem

    I've got a problem with antilag. The car is a Mitsubishi EVO 9. The car is perfect wihout antlag. The antilag works when i release the throttle pedal and the car works perfect with higher TPS positions. But the car bucks hard when i push the throttle pedal, and the ECU antilag maps turnes to normal mode(zero corrections) from antilag mode. What could be the problem? Please help! I uploaded my config file here. Evo9_Mocar_226_ALS.pcl
  6. Ferenc

    Focus RS 5cyl with G4

    I've measured the trigger system with a scope. I uploaded a 720 degrees cycle. There is a 60-2 VR trigger on the crank. And two HALL sensor on the cams. You can see the trigger patterns on the uploaded picture. The intake and exhaust trigger sign is exactly the same on inactive postion(the intake cam is full retarded and the exhaust cam is full advanced when the electric valves are inactive). You can see this situation on the picture. Because of this, you will see only 1 sign for both of the cam signals.I hope you can do the firmware job with this information.
  7. Ferenc

    Focus RS 5cyl with G4

    Is it possible to drive the mk2 focus RS 2.5l 5cyl dual vvt engine with linkG4? Can it handle the stock sensors? Or is there anybody who did it before?
  8. What's the news with this feature? We definiteley need this for our mitsubishi rally cars. The season is starting.... And we'd also apprechiate much if the launch control had an opportunity with working only with spark cut method alone. Our team waiting for these features every day. Thanks a lot!
  9. HI I need Anti-lag Ignition Cut Table for wasted spark engines. I'm working with several rally cars here in Europe. We have bought some G4 Plugin ecus for EVO9 race cars. But now i realized that antilag ignition cut table is not working with wastedspark engines. This feature is definetely needed for rally cars! Please implement it into the software as soon as possible. BIG THANKS!
  10. HI! I need some help with configuring the E-throttle on a 2005 EJ25 subaru. I tried to calibrate the things. The throttle is working, the FPS main and the FPS sub and the TPS main and TPS sub shows 0-100% when i move the pedal. It looks that everything is OK. But sometimes the throttle stops to work! Please write me the configuration steps! Maybe i misconfigured something. Thanks.
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