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    4AGE 20V

    Hi, I have purchased a Toyota 4AGE 20 Valve engine that came with a V1 Link. I heard the engine running before I bought it and the old owner labelled all the loom wires before removing the engine to make it easy for me to setup. I've now got the engine mounted and I'm in the process of wiring it up but have a couple of questions 1) The O2 wire from the Link is not labelled but looks like it was connected to something previously. The exhaust does not have an O2 sensor anywhere. Do I leave this wire 'floating' (not powered or earthed)? 2) I started the engine and it idles nicely. When I rev the engine it almost stalls off idle, then picks up and revs nicely all the way through the range. As I mentioned, I heard the engine running before buying it so I know the tune is good. Any idea what could be causing the dead spot? Cheers, Lefty
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