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  1. Leonv33

    Fuel Pump Control

    Fantastic Scott, thank you for that. Mike
  2. Leonv33

    Fuel Pump Control

    Hi Adam, Yes it has x%FF, maybe x % full flow not sure. If I use open loop the table, X is Inj Duty Cycle% and cannot be changed. It is a mystery , well to me anyway. No doubt there is a very simple answer! Its not something I want to experiment with and must work correctly from the onset. I now have a Pierburg intank screw pump to replace my old intank supply and external Bosch 044/surge tank. The original 3 stage FPCM (r33gtr) would be great but it would not be durable and will fail with the increased load. Just need to run the new PWM FPC the same way really without getting too elaborate.
  3. Leonv33

    Fuel Pump Control

    Hi Scott, regarding setting up the speed control, I will just use the 80Hz 33/66/100 D.C to keep it simple. The PWM controller needs 100HZ which I can change in Aux outputs # FP Speed, however the controller D.C is regulated by the Inj. D.C . How do I set this up when running a modelled fuel equation where I have no visible Inj. D.C? Appreciate your help Mike
  4. Leonv33

    Fuel Pump Control

    Hi Scott, Thanks, that makes it much clearer! Yes I have fuel press & temp sensors so will look into the closed loop. Advice once again much appreciated. Mike
  5. Leonv33

    Fuel Pump Control

    Hi all just hoping someone can clarify this for me please. The Fuel pump control setting in Aux outputs using the 2D Open Loop Table which has an X axis of Injector D.C % only. I am using the modelled fuel equation and my question is how can I relate the VE number in the #1 3D fuel table to the Injector D.C% number in the FP 2D open loop table? If I was running traditional msec then its easy however I'm baffled by this one sorry. As always really appreciate this forum!
  6. Hi Scott, The 20 pole connector for the SDM300 dash or the SDM pins are dodgy so have to chase up Plex for a fix on this one. Thanks for your help Cheers Mike
  7. Thanks Scott, Will do. Cheers Mike
  8. Hi Scott, In the photo of the circuit board on the CAN/RS232 connector could you please tell me if the Hi an Lo are correctly placed. With the CAN /RS232 disconnected from the board there are still errors. Also shows config for both CAN devices Double checked the wiring again and it appears good. Thanks Mike Doc2.docx
  9. Thanks Scott. I will double check everything and get back to you. Cheers Mike
  10. Hi Scott, Looks like there are quite a few errors. I attached a screen shot. Appreciate your help Mike Doc1.docx
  11. I am having a problem with the ecu recognizing my KMS eugo CAN controller and Plex SDM300 dash. Set them all up correctly on CAN1 as per the instructions but when a CAN device search is done " nothing found" is reported. Attached a pic of the board. The CAN loom is less than 1.5 meters long and the SDM (with internal CAN resistor) sits at the end of it. The KMS is around 30cm from the ECU. Triple checked all the wiring before connecting and it is solid. Devices power up fine but no communication. Just wondering if it has anything to do with the ECU/PC cable still having the CAN hi Lo or am I missing something totally obvious. Once again all help is very much appreciated! Best regards, Mike
  12. Thanks Scott for the information, much appreciated. Mike
  13. Just after some answers on the base map config file relating to an S2 skyline r33 gtr supplied in PCLink ecu manager. 1/ Aux 6 (pin 18) drives the fuel pump relay and Aux2 (pin 104) is FP speed @200hz on the OEM FPCM the OEM ecu controls 104 and 106 (aux2 and aux1) Aux 1 is "off" on the g4+ so my question is what is aux 2 's function. The FPCM I think either is switched to earth on one and through a ballast resistor on the other to slow pump down. I run a standard intank pump and a bosch inline/surge tank with separate relay driven by intank relay and just want the intank pump to run full speed. just trying to avoid ripping out the back seats and actually bypassing the FPCM or just running pump -ve to earth? Also noticed AIT is set up on AN Temp 3. This is on the XS loom. My IAT is on AN temp 2 (pin 36) easy fix anyway. Thanks for any help or info !!
  14. Hi Gojira, You are tuning a Skyline gtr with oem sensors? if so, that's great to know they work well with the ecu, I'll definitely set it up like yours! Cheers
  15. Hi Scott, that was quick! Yes I saw that in the help setup, just wondered if they are up to the job or best to change to Bosch, which I would rather avoid. If they work and detect knock then that's all good. Thanks for the fast reply Scott. Cheers Mike
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