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  1. It is this kind of this which is REALLY frustrating. "Unlikely to see any future improvements in the G4+ platform" The G4+ Thunder I have is barely 18 months old and you guys are already moving on? I have been bug fixing for my entire ownership and feel this is a complete jip. I would like a serious and honest comment on this as if this is the case mine is being sold and I will move to another platform that has some life expectancy.
  2. How about adding something like I originally posted RSS feed link to the download file location? Or how about you always edit the same post that people can subscribe to? Or how about you build a simple routine into the software to do a check when you open it? Sorry for nagging but going to check is so last century, it is 2017!!
  3. Thanks for that Adam. I did not realise Davids items - Could you please add my vote to priority gain on them, especially 2 and 3
  4. This one I really see as a bug - not a feature. It is stupid to have it one way for the primary set and another for the secondary set. Why you would need it - depends completely how you are using the secondary injectors - If you are purely using them as a secondary extra then the benefit of having the 3d table setup properly is very likely less than using a Pri/Sec ratio and actually using them in a larger amount of the map / all of the map. I think the latest technology injectors have reduced the need for secondary injection but larger setups like mine (and perfectionists like me) still require it when running alcohol and retaining manners and drivability. Modeled fuel is completely based on the accuracy of the information for the calculation - More information, better calculation result, better drivability and result for us, the customer
  5. Awesome - Thank you! I seem to be finding many of these! The joys of using a Thunder to do ... Everything Would you guys prefer support e-mails or just keep going on here?
  6. New release came out - I did not get a notification (Yes I did sign up)
  7. Just setup staged injection and found that the deadtime table is not configurable like the standard one. I feel it should be the same - Hopefully a quick fix? Until then - What is the Y Axis as standard?
  8. Llewellyn

    Tacho Table

    Helped yes - got it "right" - no
  9. Llewellyn

    Tacho Table

    Probably not something a lot of people will ask for but I would love the Tacho to be able to have a little more calibration to be able to get the display absolutely correct. My JZA80 supra calibrated correctly at 1000rpm is almost 500rpm off by 7000rpm I have got mine correct by using a PWM output (table) but I have lost the built in sweep function by doing this. Would love both
  10. Yay - Finally see a notification signup for new releases (on the download page) - Glad this finally happened! Thanks guys!
  11. Vote against - Absolute waste of development time that could make the product better
  12. New release out - No updates that I can see regarding this in the change log. Could you please give me an update?
  13. Be great to know - Really important to have labels, especially with the extra outputs of the Thunder!!
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