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  1. Hello, I have a first version of G4 Storm, not the one in blue enclosure. I´m wondering, if I can use all of the PC Link versions or only those released before Storm V2? I have a 2nd gen rx7 with direct spark ignition. Can I use four coils with ignitor each one wired directly into ecu instead of 4-channel ignitor and coils? Thank for help Petr
  2. Thanks for reply. And congrats for your new G4 RX release and great work. Petr Macura
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    Hello, I have a G4 Storm for use with rotary engine, may I update its firmware? Will it still work properly on rotary even now, when the new G4 RX was released? Thank you, Petr Macura
  4. Hi guys, I need help, please. I´d like to have ignition timing set to factory values. Has anybody a map for this or even a good advice, please? Maybe a fuel map will come in handy as a start point too. Big thanks in advance Petr
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