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  1. I would be extremely interested in the possibility of individual cylinder fuel trim - on my 3SGTE the design of the inlet manifold is such that I could do with richening up two of the cylinders!
  2. Hi, Just wondering if it's possible to retrofit the aforementioned to the aforementioned? Thanks
  3. Thanks for clearing that up for me! I'll go for the second suggestion, i'll get that set up tomorrow. Many thanks
  4. Hi I thought I had connected up Aux 6 as a fuel pump output (The other fuel pump is on aux 4 and works - it is wired through a loom adapter that I bought - the extra fuel pump i wired myself) It is my understanding that the aux output provides a ground when it is activated. To this end, I connected the aux output to the -ve terminal on my secondary fuel pump solenoid. When I then stored and turned the ignition on, the fuel pump relay did not energise. I tested for continuity between the aux6 terminal and earth on the car body - again there was no continuity after the ignition was turned on (Or indeed at all) Am I wiring up incorrectly ? Thanks
  5. Hi Really stupid question I know the link understands the 'standard' voltage range of 0-5v for this - do I simply step down a 12v supply from the car to use as the reference 5v and then put a pot between that and the analogue voltage input for boost control ?
  6. Thanks again. I'll wire the wideband in in place of the narrowband. I welded the collar in the downpipe for it this evening.
  7. Just a note on the wideband - do I wire this in in place of the narrow band or can I run this as well as the narrow band ?
  8. Thanks. Totally agree v the MS2.2 - the difficulty I had in getting it to run on an mi16 engine was unbelievable!
  9. Hi, In megasquirt, I was able to set the system to closed loop in order to get a rough tune with my wideband. Am I able to do this on the Link LEM G3? Also - is there any comprehensive documentation available for the device - setup & tuning guides - I only see older stuff on the site here, and install manuals. That was the one (of very few!!) good things about MS - the sheer wealth of documentation available. Thanks
  10. many thanks. Stupid question - I have the link on a built 3sgte, and I haven't as yet connected up one side of the idle control valve. She isn't idling at all, but seemed to be idling the first time I started it. I take it the car wont idle properly without the ICV connected? (I ask as MS ECU's seem to idle ok) Haven't connected it yet as I'm making up the intercooler pipes.
  11. Hi, Made a mess of the install on one of the laptops - what driver files would I need to delete from %windir%\system32\drivers in order to reinstall properly ? thanks!
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