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  1. hi scott I have unistalled again and then deleted both pclink and linkg4 folders reinstalled and it all works perfectly, thanks very much now I can go sort out all my niggly problems!!
  2. Hi I've sent you my layout also I can seem to bring up run time values I have just a blank box when I click on them I'm trying to sort out an issue with the ac making the car lean when driving but every now and then I think it's the fan coming in but can't check without the run time tab I tried a uninstall and reinstall o latest software but still the same
  3. I have hopefully attached my table I use  (sorry for the late reply my r33 has been put away over winter and ive not been on here)  hope this helps ben and anyone else who needs it  Â
  4. hi since a few updates ago the pclink cannot load my last layout whenever I start pc link and it tries to load my map it states in a red pop up box 'XML document must have top level element' then below 'Line 0' if I then load my layout manually it loads up and works as it should but its very annoying and it also wont let me edit maps offline either all the maps just stay greyed out. What do I need to do to rectify this, my layout has quite a few pages and took me ages to do
  5. hi as above really i am not sure but it doesnt seem possible to use both at the same time as the cll tries to adjust the fueling when in overrun mode is it possible to somehow deactivate cll wideband mode when in overrun
  6. thanks scott i will give it a go this weekend
  7. hi scott ive sent the map through to you. Â Â thanks
  8. Hi since the latest software I can np longer use the closed loop lambda using the target afr table as the target for the closed loop adjustment I only get stoich and stoitch wideband is there no way to bring this back
  9. hi thanks scott have yo got an email i can send the map to
  10. hi ive been trying to follow these instructions for setting the cel to flash when indicating knock, but setting virtual aux to cel doesnt give you any switch settings nor does setting an aux output to cel give you any settings to play with what am i doing wrong here?  regards  lawrence  Hi Ryan, You can do this quite simply with the functionality that the G4 has. First you set a Virtual Auxiliary to CEL. Then you set the Auxiliary that runs your CEL to: SW Cond 1 : Aux Virtual Value (1 if you used Virtual Aux1) SW Cond 2: Knock > Value (What ever knock level you want it to trigger on). Switch Logic: Cond 1 or 2. This will mean your CEL will operate just as before, and also when knock goes over your set level. It will not store a fault code though. If you wanted to get really tricky, set a GP Output to Knock level, feed it back into a spare An Volt. When this goes to ground it will set off the CEL and store a fault code to the AnV you selected! Hope that helps. -Cameron
  11. Thanks scott I was hoping there would be a way!
  12. Hi I'm not sure if this is possible at the moment but it would be nice to be able to look at different tables at the same time I.e fuel and ignition or fuel and fuel overlay
  13. Firstly I assume an v6 is wired up to one of the lc1s output wires either the yellow or brown next you need to select lc1 from the wideband profiles if that is all done and it's still not working you need to open up the lc1 programmer (using the black little connector) and see what your voltages are for maximum and minimum afr you then need to create a profile for the wideband using one of the cal tables using these voltages and set an6 to read that cal table I had to muck around with it a bit as it was set up differently for the power fc I had on before but now works spot on
  14. Hi tried it tonight still the same 2nd through to 5th is fine but the number it produces in the runtime list is too great to input into the table for 1st
  15. hi im using with whatever firmware came with that i have idle timing etc  its only first i have an issue with the others work or will work when 1st is sorted out, i just cant input the number required
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