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  1. Yeap I understand that, I am using windows 7 and I have already tried the G4+ software as well. When it shows up in device manager I get the yellow triangle with the ! In it but it does not say Link Ecu next to it, just says unknown device? Thanks Max
  2. Have also tried that unfortunately It says that it starts installing the driver then comes up with Device driver software was not installed. Im assuming then that it is the USB chip that has failed? Do you know what price roughly i would be looking at to get the chip replaced? Thanks Max
  3. Forgot to add i did try it in the car once with PCLink 4.9.8. When i put the key in on position Tachometer goes up to 7k then back down. But when i tried to do plug in laptop it did not work still.Â
  4. Hey team, Have been trying to access my PnP Link G4 V5-6 WRX ECU for about a day now. So i had PCLink 4.9.8 installed and all the drivers installed correctly then when i went to plug the G4 in I get: USB Device not recognized Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43) When i look at Device Manager i can see there is a little mark next to it and it says Unknown Device. So talked to a few guys on ClubSubNZ forum and they reckoned that the ECU firmware was not matching PCLink so I have now just gone through the whole list of PCLink downloads and it is still doing the same thing? Every download i tried installed the drivers fine and i was removing them correctly after each install. Checked the ECU, it has the COM cable plugged into the USB port. I am starting to think it may be a problem with the cable or the USB chip.. or the previous tuner has gone and locked the ECU. Note that i am doing this all from a workbench (Not connected to car power) G4TB PCB Rev 1.2 Serial# 4395 Any help is much appreciated. Thanks, Max
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