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  1. Hi guys, iv picked up on this again after a bit of a break.. I am having issues with the main power wiring.. I thought by using a loom adaptor i would be able to use the pinouts, but i seem to have misunderstood some principle with the main power. I wired the link power supplies to pins 25 & 12, which i thought were the 'on' position power sources from the key. I also wired the engine control relay, pin 38 to an auxiliary output (injector 7), as i thought this would be used for the power hold? All that happened when i tried to connect to the link for the first time, was the engine control relay buzzing on and off, and the link not starting properly.. I put a volt meter across the various bits, and it seems like the engine control relay to the factory ecu (pin 38) is 12v constant, which i guess means the relay is connected all the time at the moment, and pins 12 & 25 only seem to supply 2-3volts at present (link unplugged) Am i missing something here? Do i need to make pin 38 the main power supply to the link, and use pins 12 / 25 for an aux? I have found that most of the car relates fairly close to the evo link info, if that helps anyone shed some light.. Any help would be much appreciated
  2. ..sorry dont know why my posts seem to have no paragraphs? when i hit submit it comes out as a speil :/
  3. Awesome, thanks for the help! Iv got a (hopefully) decent looking loom adaptor on my bench now.. One other question if i could trouble you please.. With the factory ecu there are two main ground wires, sensor ground (Pin26 and injector ground Pin13) As far as i can tell from the wiring diagrams i am looking at they both are connected in places, and go back to the main earthing points, which confused me a little bit.. Is it okay for me to use these to ground the Link Ecu? or should i be connecting the sensor ground pin to one of the green sensor grounds on the link if i am thinking of using the factory loom for knock and angle sensors? Thanks again for the reply, iv been teaching myself as i go for a few months now, and i think its 99% ready for a test soon
  4. Hi all, I am just working through the process of wiring an extreme to replace the ecu in my 1998 Legnum VR4 and have a few questions i would love a hand with.. I have the wiring diagrams for my car, and have been working thorugh it with the information on here for the Evo 4 plug in stuff, as the ecus and pinouts are similar, i am making a loom adaptor from the factory ecu plugs. A few things i havent been able to get my head around as yet are: 1) Alternator. The factory ecu in my car is connected by two wires to the voltage regulator. If i am removing the factory ecu do i need to configure the link to read the voltage and output a signal to the alternator? I dont quite understand what the ecu is doing in that respect.. 2) Ignitors. I am assuming that since i am making a loom adaptor i wont be needing to add an aftermarket ignitor pack? Or is are the ignitors built into a factory ecu? 3) Knock, Crank and Cam sensors. Is it acceptable to wire these to the factory harness? There is a sensor ground as well as the various sensor wires in the pinouts, but i am not sure if it is better to try and run the premade loom from the link instead? Dont want to cut any corners, but a lot of the engine bay has to come apart to get to some of the sensors 4) Base map / initial start. I am assuming there is no base map available for the 6A13, however through the Evoscan diagnostic stuff i have got copies of some of the fuel trim stuff from the factory computer. Is it possible to turn this into a base map? Or am i better off taking it to a tuner and leaving all the inital stuff to them? This is all pretty new to me, so any advice or other things i should be looking at would be great! Thanks, Michael.
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