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  1. Hi guys, iv picked up on this again after a bit of a break.. I am having issues with the main power wiring.. I thought by using a loom adaptor i would be able to use the pinouts, but i seem to have misunderstood some principle with the main power. I wired the link power supplies to pins 25 & 12, which i thought were the 'on' position power sources from the key. I also wired the engine control relay, pin 38 to an auxiliary output (injector 7), as i thought this would be used for the power hold? All that happened when i tried to connect to the link for the first time, was the engine contr
  2. ..sorry dont know why my posts seem to have no paragraphs? when i hit submit it comes out as a speil :/
  3. Awesome, thanks for the help! Iv got a (hopefully) decent looking loom adaptor on my bench now.. One other question if i could trouble you please.. With the factory ecu there are two main ground wires, sensor ground (Pin26 and injector ground Pin13) As far as i can tell from the wiring diagrams i am looking at they both are connected in places, and go back to the main earthing points, which confused me a little bit.. Is it okay for me to use these to ground the Link Ecu? or should i be connecting the sensor ground pin to one of the green sensor grounds on the link if i am thinking of usin
  4. Hi all, I am just working through the process of wiring an extreme to replace the ecu in my 1998 Legnum VR4 and have a few questions i would love a hand with.. I have the wiring diagrams for my car, and have been working thorugh it with the information on here for the Evo 4 plug in stuff, as the ecus and pinouts are similar, i am making a loom adaptor from the factory ecu plugs. A few things i havent been able to get my head around as yet are: 1) Alternator. The factory ecu in my car is connected by two wires to the voltage regulator. If i am removing the factory ecu do i need to configure
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