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  1. I will give it a try with the firmware first and i will inform you. Thanks a lot
  2. OK done it this too.. the polarity was correcte.after all i wasnt getting any trigger errors at the past... is there any chance that the cas (relector) to be faulty? to be exact is there any chance loosing its abilty to trace the tooths by the past of the years in order to be more insensible ? Thanks in advance you have been very helpfull until now PS:when the rpm raises the dwell stops to go in that "section" of zero emmision...
  3. OK done them all. i raised the arming voltage for about 0.2mv and put the filter to level 1 now iam getting trigger errors and the dwell time dispite the fact that still goes "zero" now the most of the time goes 19++ms and warns me with red spot.. I forgot to say that the car was running well and there wasnt any problems before with dwell. i have allready checked twice the cables...is there anything else that i can do? PS : what do you mean polarity of the sensor ? wire polarity or position polarity? it is the only thing that didnt check...let me now what to see.. Thanks a lot!
  4. Any suggestions ?? I forgot to say that the engine at the time that dwell goes zero missfires also.. Do yoy want anything else?
  5. hahahahahahahahaha OK thanks for the advice You can lock it Cheers
  6. I have a G4 storm ECU that is locked from a previous programmer and i want to unlock it but i dont have the password and the programmer doesnt giving it to me. Is there any trick or hint to unlock it without loosing all the data? If it is possible answer me as soon as posible cause its a bit urgent.. Thanks a lot! PS:if it is requested i have a pcl file but it is locked
  7. Ok that kind of fault was recovered after the latest firmware update... Thanks a lot for the info.. I think that previous firmware wasnt placed well when done it.. thanks again!!!
  8. As i was mappping my car i noticed that in the section "tunning" the dwell time was going from time to time in a zero value (0.xx ms) in the past i wasnet having that kind of problem.. attached i put my pcl file thanks in advance mprizol-tasou.laptop.pcl
  9. noop the map always reads 100KPA... it doesnt move at all...either at vacuum either at pressure...always it reads 100KPA... to say the truth i didnt try the hint with the F12 key...i will see it and i will inform you right away...
  10. Iam not at office right now... tomorow i will give you exact info about fw etc the car after i placed the older version is working just GREAT... The engine is a toyota 7A (1.8cc) with 4AGE head (20 valve) wich is turbo conversion with water cooler preciscion SC6262 running on Q16 fuel. The rpm limit was first set at 9000 rpm PS: i think that i have kept one or two data logs from the race when having this problem..is there it can be any help to you by theese i will give it a try to find them and sent you over..
  11. thanks a lot for your answer. i think iam gonna go to buy a new one G4...
  12. After installing the latest version of firmware to my G4 Storm which is installed to my drag car i found out that RPM limiter was randomly activated without reaching the value limit i had placed(unfortunatelly at the time of race was found it... ). after searching it for hour i was unable to find out the reason.. the problem was solved only when i installed older firmware version.
  13. Is there any hint on this problem. At my G3 i want to work dual fuel and ignition table and launch control as i can see there is only one DI.. so there can be worked only one... either dual fuel and ingition... either launch.. both of them at the same time and without changing anything at the ECU cant be done.. is there any hint or suggestion?
  14. I own a Link G4 Storm till yesterday i was using the 'onboard' map sensor without any reasons the map stopped working... i didnt do anything at all...my car just not running.. is there any suggestion first of all why the map stopped working?
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