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  1. Hi guys, I have a g3 that I updated to g4 software. Link copied the tune for me. Car starts and runs but as soon as I bring the engine up to 1500rpm the ecu disconnects and the fuel pump keeps running. Any idea why this might be? Tune was running fine but I upgraded to g4 for vvti control. Tried new earth cables, plugs, unplugged alternator in case it was faulty. Checked all wiring connections etc. No faults come up when it happens. I can attach the tune once I am home tonight. The engine is exactly the same as previous. I am upgrading the cams and coils this week. Also I cannot roll back to g3 software for some reason had Simon talk me through it but would not work so that option won't work unfortunately.
  2. According to this it is not so http://www.linkecu.com/support/documentation/technical-drawings/I16
  3. Hi guys  Im just about to upgrade my stock 2jzgte vvti coils to ls2 coils. The setup I have now the ecu sends a negative signal to the igniter. But with the ls2 coils they need a variable 5v+ signal to fire(So I have read). Has anyone run these coils before? Is there any truth to this or do they run a negative signal also? If they do run a positive signal how do I get around this? Thanks
  4. How do I set the baud rate?? I and using a usb connection cannot find any information on it
  5. Hi Guys I purchased a g4 up grade from link a while ago installed it as I intended on getting a retune but I am running out of time. Is it possible to downgrade/reinstall the previous software so I can run the previous tune until I have upgraded the cams etc?
  6. Hi guys I have a G4 in a car that I didnt tune it was tuned and running before I got it. On plugging the usb in my laptop and switching the link on before connecting I have 3 errors that keep coming up. MemLoc=280, MemLoc=281 and MemLoc=10386. I Cycles through these errors not allowing me to connect. What do I need to do to stop these errors or what is causing them? The engine runs and drives and I want to run the pc link to assign a tacho drive to a output. Any help would be great thanks!
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