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  1. Mark Adams

    lc1 or lc2

    Hi, have found an lc1 and have it fitted. Have an issue with it now. It's connected to an3 wide band wire and narrowband wire to an2. Have an2 turned off at the moment. Have an3 set to wideband and lc1 selected as calibration. It will run and seems to have an accurate afr. Every time I crank car it generates a fault code 17. Hoping it's just an error setting wrong.
  2. to do exactly that mate, start old and update, which i have never done. but cant load software
  3. Hi, Trying to install pc link version 4.4.3 on a windows 10 laptop. keep getting an error message saying that the inf file is missing. Any ideas? thanks
  4. Mark Adams

    lc1 or lc2

    Hi, have a g4+  storm and want to put a wideband on it.. innovate lc1 recommended but a nightmare trying to find one. Plenty of lc2 about, but says they are digital. Will this work with my ecu?? Thanks
  5. Hi, i need help setting up the launch control on my g4+ storm. What do i need for it? can some put it into idiots terms for me :\ vehicle is an st205 celica 1994 jdm model. I have managed to wire in the ecu and get the engine running. It now has a map and is running well, so i got something right. tuner recommends a few added extras. inlet air temp, knock sensor, lc1 wideband 02 etc thanks in advance
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