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  1. Checked current draw, 3.5 amps on circuit to trigger both these solenoids combined. Fitted a relay between ECU and solenoids, issue fixed
  2. Thanks for the help, will see how I go
  3. I should add that it works at first then stops working
  4. Hi all, I have been having an on going issue where variable lift on my Ez30 won't work which puts a major damper on power.  I have swapped it to another output driver but still have the issue.  Was wondering if there is too much load/current to run both lift solenoids on one driver causing the issue.  Contemplating using a ignition coil type transistor  between the link ecu and solenoids but would like your input prior to going to the trouble.  Cheers,Tony
  5. Hi Scott,  I conduct a store after setting up the triggers. I see Jason in a above post had a similar issue. Any other thoughts?  Cheers, Tony
  6. Hi guys, should the spark edge be raising or falling. When set to falling the coils got hot with key on not running, set to raising normal temp. Have not started engine yet
  7. Tony Dobnik

    Map for EZ30R

    Hi Everyone, I am hoping someone on here can help me a map to get my EZ30R up and running. It is a full custom build so was just mostly needing the configuration for inputs and outputs. It will be dyno tuned once run in just need to get it up and running. It is turbo charged with forged internals ECU is link G4 Xtreme. My email is tony.dobnik@gmail.com Any help appreciated. Cheers, Tony
  8. He guys, I am looking for base maps for ez30R which according to the sensor wiring information http://www.linkecu.com/support/documentation/technical-drawings/G10/view are supplied with the software. I have looked but alas it eludes me Hope someone can help. Cheers, Tony.
  9. Building twin turbo EZ30r for 99 wrx with Xtreme ECU, would appreciate any help I can be provided with in regards to map. tony.dobnik@gmail.com Cheers
  10. Hi, I have heard that closed loop boost control is available with a update that is available to Link agents. Is this true and when will this be available as a download to the masses? Cheers, Tony
  11. Any updates on new firmware for G4 closed loop boost controll? I am sure many of us are hanging out for this. Cheers, Tony
  12. Hi Brett, There are two sensors, I have already set up reset on ignition on with 3 second delay on start up. Is the AVCS control closed loop and will the drivers handle the current draw of the AVCS solenoids on the inj 5&6 circuits? Cheers, Tony.
  13. Could I use aux inj5 and aux inj6 to drive the AVCS solenoids? Will these drivers carry the load or would an additional transistor be required? Could I use DI2 from power steering input as one cam sensor and DI5 from the expansion plug as the other? Thanks again for any help provided. Cheers, Tony.
  14. Hi, I have just fitted Link G4 plug in ECU and am looking to fit heads with AVCS to my current engine build. Is it possible to use any of the current outputs as drivers for AVCS and which ones? Any help appreciated. Cheers, Tony
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