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  1. Lately I have gotten my engine running. It's a ez30r and it's nice and smooth, but I am in the final process of tuning, etc and I am stumped on the ethrottle idle control along with the overrun fuel cut off. I switch to ethrottle idle control and the engine shoots up idle then back down...definitely a fuel overun cutoff problem. If I use closed looped lamb idle control it's fine, well kinda. I just would like to know what settings are commonly used with an electronic throttle and the idle and over run settings.... Thankyou.
  2. Thanks for ALL your help everyone!!!! IT RUNS!!! smooth as silk. Okay just for everyone in the future. The problem was the right and left cam sensors. (knew it was trigger related!) Looking from the front of the engine (PULLEY side) i assumed right is right and left was left. WRONG! Left and right is determined from looking at the rear of the engine. (flywheel clutch side) As soon as i hooked up left and right this way.....brooooooom!!! Thats a killer sounding engine in my porsche 914 with the stock boxster muffler out the back!
  3. current map now with no errors/faults , all changes made above. It misfires a little but still off
  4. Thanks Dave. I think you should make a very basic base map on the new software. Once I get this baby running, ID still like to buy your map. That's going to save me a load of time at the dyno. Injectors are set to saturated. Going to make sure my triggers have the correct polarity because I am getting jumping movement on the rpm software gauge not steady like my last engine first crank start. Is there a place to set that initial cam timing in the new software?
  5. Here is a basic .pcl map file for my ez30r. Everything checks out. Coils have spark, injectors are working. I think maybe my trigger settings are off. (they check out voltage wise too.) I included a .pcl file from my setup, maybe i have been working at it too long and there is a setting thats staring at me that is set wrong. thanks guys for your help. subaru-ez30r-5-20.2010.pcl
  6. Cameron you were exactly right. Ethrottle works perfect now! Thankyou Very much guys!
  7. Okay update: no more errors. But i still cannot get the calibrated pedal and throttle to work with each other. Pedal does not open or close throttle even though i see the voltages changing on the software. ECU is the only one that can open or close the throttle are my PID settings off? Are my targets off? (going 1 to 1 ratio) Pedal should control throttle plate when in ON position correct? Also when it is done calibrating the throttle plate, there is still a buzzing when it is at rest, this is why i thought my settings were off also. thankyou in advance
  8. actualy verbage error 16: cannot reach target 98%
  9. I think there is a setting that i still off on. The third test is comparing the Main to the SUB in the throttle tps test and it comes out with that error 6 code. The first Main test was fine, the SUB test was fine. Just the comparison after.... thanks
  10. I am in the process of hooking up my ethrottle. I have it wired correctly. It makes it through the opening and closing of the throttle plate, but when it does the 3rd TPS test it says..... something like... Error 16 not able to reach 98% target. What am i doing wrong? thankyou
  11. Thankyou VERY much!! exactly what i was looking for! (Verified the pinouts are the same on the EZ30R throttle body as your diagram.)
  12. Actually i was wondering how do i put the 6 inputs and the throttle body pedal inputs into the G4 extreme. Has someone done this before with success? Is there a pinout of which inputs/outputs to use on the extreme?( I figured out the inputs on my throttle body and pedal assembly, just cant figure out where they go to the extreme) thanks, Chris
  13. I have a ez30R and was wondering how to hook up the electroic throttle on the stock subaru harness to the Link G4 extreme.
  14. so what your saying is that the higher my duty cycle, the less boost i will have. I have it hooked up just like in the diagram you provided a link to.....I thought thats the way my boost controller was working. thanks
  15. I recently bought a GM boost controller to use with my Storm ECU. I have the frequency set at 20 Hz and i am experiencing the opposite of the funtion that everyone says this controller should operate at. The higher i make the boost levels the lower it seems to go boost level. I have it hooked up silver outlet to boost pressure and plastic (non foam filter) exit to the wastegate. So I think i have it set correctly. I tested my boost pressure on my Subaru EJ20 with just a T in the middle with a valve off that T, and i can easily get to max boost of 20 psi so my turbo is working correctly without the controller. Is my Hz frequency too low and would this 20 Hz setting cause this? I was very safe at duty cycle of 40 and i got about 14 lbs boost. I increased it to 85 duty cycle and it seemed to stay there and actually go lower....no increase at all any help would be great, thanks!
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