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  1. i do still have the serial link if you want it address/contact is on the web site www.autofixed.co.uk
  2. Where on the tuning module do you input injector size? or isn't it that easy
  3. It wouldn't be something to do with the evo4 useing 510cc injectors and an evo6 useing 560cc injectors?
  4. Just to add to the above, ive now tried this in an evo 4 and it works perfectly,everything adjusts as it should ect Could it be a wireing difference between evo4 and evo6? i know the pinouts are slightly different
  5. Ashley Hi, right i have a 2.5bar map sensor and the tuning module and have it all fitted to the car(evo6) It starts and runs but idle is around 1700-1900 rpm and doesn't seem to change no matter what i do, any ideas? Also you stated above thats its not a g1 or g2 so what model ecu is it, im presuming its a lem v4?
  6. Thanks Ashley most helpful Could it be also possible to upgade the chip? and make it pc compatable?
  7. Hi there i have a problem with a Link ecu we have bought a 2nd hand unit of an evo 6 to fit in our evo 4,the unit says MIT42 on the circuit board,and the table chip says evo456juneo1. We have bought the serial conector from thor racing over here but cant get it to hook up,the ecu itself seems to be powering up (heat sink gets warm) and clicking all what its supposed to when turning the ignition key and switching it off. Can you tell us what model ecu it is and what could be the problem? Thank you
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