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  1. Hi is the rb26 cas meant to be set to relutor or optical hall ? I have the AEM 24 TOOTH cas disk i have the engine to top dead centre I have set the trigger setup to multitooth Trigger priority to trigger 1 in trigger 1 its optical hall ,multitooth position set to cam and tooth count 24 tooth trigger 2 optical hall sync mode to cam pulse X1 is this all correct ?
  2. oh well I took alook at the settings in trigger and it shows 36 teeth
  3. Thank you steve also the old settings are for the tooth is 36 then 2 I will replace this with 24 then 4 ? and should we up the rpm limit a touch? I will post this on face book to prove that the link ecu is a well re find computer
  4. r33 gtst series2 g4+ plug in cas issue I have a rb26 head on an rb25 we are trying to make snowy mountains 1000 next week we cant rev it past 7000rpm there is timing scatter and JEM ingulburn pluged in a haltech and could rev it to 8500rpm no issues how can I resolve this issue with the link g4+ plus plug in we tried new cas ,new coil pack harness , more earth straps and still it got worse could there be a way to locate the issue the car is built for street track and drags iv purchased the AEM cas disk with 24 tooth as well but haven't tried it yet, but also could u help me with setting it up is it multi tooth missing ? I have a log file and the file with the ecu settings can u helo we are trying to make snowy mountains 1000 next week Nissan R33 GTSt Milton 7k cut off.llg Nissan settings R33 GTSt milton 7k cutout.pclr
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