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  1. ten

    conection and parasits

    big proplem with connection . as the ecu is online  apear ofline
  2. ten

    enjine stall for 4 sec

    wen i run the car to rev and change next gear i have no throtle for the next 3 sec . its like wen the engine go redline after the ignishion switch is off for 2-3 sec , the enjine idling normaly Â
  3. ten

    enjine stall for 4 sec

    after gear change on hi rpm the enjine stall for 4 sec '''' Â Â
  4. ten

    main rpm limit

    how i set the rpm limit on g4 plugin?
  5. ten

    g4 plugin shift light

    how i set a shift light?
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