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  1. it has a ls2 and is a drive by wire throttle, i guess its the same as electronic throttle.
  2. i have a rev2 but the linkplus g3 sounds better. (the pontiac gto is a rebadged holden monaro in austraila) i think it runs on direct (fire)spark ignition but it seems the lem can only do 2-4, is this correct?
  3. i have a 93 toyota mr2 turbo 2.0 3sgte. i recently put a t3 turbo, manifold, downpipe, intercooler, exhaust, intake, and injectors. enough to get around 300whp on 18psi or so. but no engine management. i have no time frame. i do want the car to be fully functional. and would the ecu u recommend would work on a 05 pontiac gto?
  4. im trying figure out which ems to purchase and the link ecu seems to match my needs. i dont know how long the g3 has been out so my question is is there gonna be a linkplus g4 or lem g4 coming out soon or within the year. i dont want to purchase a g3 and come to find out a new model has been release and has more options thanks
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