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  1. ok and how do i do this? that would be great thank youÂ
  2. Can you do this even if there is a password? how do u get the ecu settings up?
  3. Hi there Was woundering how you check what temp the tuner has set the fans to switch on? i had my lap top hocked up to it today and i couldnt seem to find it, im not 100% sure but yhe tuner may hve put a password/lock on it which would mean i couldnt see it? Or find it? the obvious way would be to run the car an see when or see if they turn on but i dont wanna risk any overheating etc
  4. thats ok dave have sent you a email now, sorry if it seems rushed at work at the moment! haha thanks
  5. Hi there dave i have now emailed you, thank you simon for your input as well thanks Â
  6. Ok thank you, dam this is starting to be tricky case ok how do i capture the log? just a thought, i did have to change a metal washer on the top port of the waste waste gate as i lost one, could it be possiable at all that it is to big and is not sealing the pressure there for the solinoed isnt getting enough pressure to open?
  7. hi there quick question on that, if ive only hocked my lap top up to it once just to test weather the boost solinoied works would it have saved the pcl file your talking about? Â thanks
  8. hi there simon ok firstly what is pcl file? and where can i find it thanks =)
  9. hi there dave so I hocked the lap top up and tested it and could hear and feel it working. what would you recommend doing next? thanks
  10. hi there when i dissconnect the plug for boost solonied it just boost on waste gate pressure. the waste gate it self has a 10psi spring, and the boost controller is set at 14psi. Â yea ive never touched the software, ive got hocked up exactly like i had it before i took motor out etc, and ive even asked the local dyno shop if it plumbed up correctly and they have given me a diagrame as well. my set up is two ports coming off the intercooler pipe *1st port goes striaght to the bottom of the waste gate *2nd port from intercooler pipe goes to boost controller and then goes to the top of the waste gate, (port 3 on boost solonied vent to air. Â thank youÂ
  11. Hi there thats fine, yea i mean like if it wasnt for the boost cut it has, it would keep going its ment to be only hitting 14psi on the boost controller, but it hits over 20psi untill it hits boost cut any help would be great David
  12. So i tried what you said, unplug electrically and see what the boost does. when i unplugged it it only made waste gate spring pressure so does this tell you much?
  13. Ok what result am i looking for? Â ive been running on just waste gate pressure by un hooking the top vac line off, and it holds waste gate pressure good if this awnsers ur questioN?
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