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  1. Rang Craig, am downloading it again now & will report back once I test it today. *fingers crossed*
  2. Another day, another firmware/PC Link, same basic ~20 minute drive and the water/methanol tank is 1/3 drained, car runs like shit V's what I had before that was perfect on 4.4.6. Hopefully tomorrow I will get a new computer sent to me with the old firmware & my perfect tune so I can get my car up and running again the way it was. My Moral to this, don't change something until some other people trial it first..... I will send through the log and also logged it on my Race Logic VBOX for evidence/proof of which I have plenty of runs of exact same loop on 4.4.6 and my tune with no such issues. Why the Aux 1 PWM is shitting itself I do not know, and am beyond caring anymore.
  3. New firmware and PC Link to down load see E-Mail below for others so you are aware and get the latest. I don't know if it will fix the problem I am having but will check it later today. 'I am not going to get more time to look into this today. Please download the latest PCLink and firmware that was posted on the web today. If after installing that if the problem is still there then I will spend some time looking into... Regards Ashley Duncan Engineer'
  4. I have run this system for over 4000km and its faultless, this only happened the exact day I did the firmware upgrade too.... (tested it least now I know I suppose). Some how it must be leaving the Aux 1 open! thus draining out my WI tank all the time while the motor is running rather than working off the set values I have to govern its operation. Switch conditions, logic and all settings are exactly as per what I ran in the last firmware. 100% there is a problem somewhere in how this channel works now, stuffed ECU or Firmware I don't know? Days go by and my stress level goes through the roof.
  5. Well I found the problem and it was not me! its in the new firmware upgrade! My richness was/is due to my water methanol injection system which is run of Aux output 1 GP PWM circuit. I only found this out as my f*cking tank was empty today! after only little use, I though it had a split or faulty valve, but no such thing. I filled it up and checked the pressure all good, tested the valves off PWM1 and PWM3 (water injecting and IC spray circuits), tank level full. Thought to go for light drive 20min trip only using boost once or twice no more than 3500rpm and car ran rich back on throttle and at part cruise again! Check tank level and its used over 1/3rd!!!! This was the problem all along! the engine pinged today in 2nd gear and I only thought to check it after stuffing around all day today trying to figure out why my fuel mapping has changed on cruise and part throttle (but not idle and full power). I hope you people sort this thing out, annoyed does not describe how I feel tonight typing this out on here. I feel sorry for my poor engine and my nerves.
  6. Hi Ash, my E-Mail is peter@riceracing.com.au please E-Mail me and I will send the files you requested. It happens on the PC logging, hit the record button and the software locks up as described. Any help you can give to sort that out ASAP is my #1 priority. *very urgent* For the other stuff I was talking with Jurgen over E-Mail and I think it was to do with non cleared error codes (with any firmware over 4.4.1) tip I found on the ViPEC forum. When I reset this the car is a bit better, but 100% there are some fueling differences, the master fuel trim is set to 0% too. Best Regards. Peter
  7. Drove it today = very bad result, almost everything in the fueling has changed & gone much richer. First: Cold start = motor stalls after firing up. (not a problem in old firmware and my tune) After motor does not stall then warm up AFR is correct and idle AFR correct as per before the firmware upgrade. Engine up to operating temp and cruise driving its much richer, changed from ~14:1 to 11~10.5:1? Went to 4000rpm and 100kpa MGP and AFR went to 10.3:1???? clouds of fuel smoke out back. *this previously was ~12:1* Something is very screwed up in the transfer of this firmware?, and no way could I be stuffed retuning my whole set up to suit it honestly. Its very odd that the idle cells are correct 12.0:1 AFR (before and after) but everything else has gone richer. All sensors are right, showing correct temps and pressure and tps spans etc. Too say I am perplexed/angry/sad would sum up my mood after screwing around with this the last few days. Worst timing for this to happen too. It's looking like something has changed in my ECU or the firmware controls the injectors in a different way? I really don't know other than to share that my previously well working ECU/car is now a nugget basically, needing allot of work to fix back to the way it was.
  8. Something has changed in the fuel algorithm too on decel return to idle especially. Exact same map but now seems to have an extra dose of fuel on trailing throttle (something I complained about at length in previous firmware) I will have to go back it seems and get rid of the fuel table I needed to set up on delta rpm decrease to counter the stalling I always had before I implemented that extra correction. It lasts for a few seconds then stabilizes back to the normal delivery. The accel pump section seems to work differently as well (yes I did rechange it back to the normal map correction instead of TPS table option now available as per the last firmware) I no longer have a persistent flat spot of idle *amazing* (again zero map changes) only implementation of new firmware. Accel fuel pump settings were always inconsistent before seemingly regardless of settings I will keenly see what it is like now. Still cant get the logging to work though? 'Index out of bounds(4)' is the error box *multiple* and it locks up the program and need to task manager and shut it down.
  9. Happy to admit that It's official, I am a dumb kent My problem with the engine not starting is that Trigger 2 has a separate table now for SYNC reference, in the change over (although I did check it *missed it*) it was set to 'none' instead of in my case needing to be on 'Crank x1' reconfigured this and motor started. Has anyone used the logging yet? when I activate this I get multiple repeated windows saying index 4 out of bounds? and it just freezes.
  10. Tried that makes no difference. Before when I changed to 4.4.6 firmware I did not have to take the computer out of the car, it worked and car was spot on now its caput sadly for me. The new PC Link 4.5.0 connects to the ECU and you can see all the stuff there, just the motor will not start. Something has happened in this upgrade and its beyond me. I only which I could go back to what I had before sadly that is not possible once this is installed (and that is a crap feature in my opinion cause now I have something that does not work)!
  11. 1995 RX7 plug in ECU board for what difference it makes. Board S/N = 5565 ECU Type = 13 old ECU firmware version = 4.4.6 old boot code = 1.4 What I find frustrating is that I can't go back to the 4.4.6 Firmware? so now am stuck with an ECU that wont work V's what I had yesterday that was perfect. There is a solenoid that screams under the engine bay now right after you finish cranking it over. Have all these scenarios been tested for a smooth transition? it seems in my case its not or my ECU has not gone well with the upgrade?. If anyone has an idea on it I'd love to hear it until I wait on Monday for Link to rectify it for me, hopefully. Regards.
  12. Happy Birthday to me Changed from 4.4.6 today, first had hassel upgrading the firmware, now went to go start the motor and it wont start. Had a basically perfect set up yesterday (really happy with car), & today its turned to crap, I wish I never touched it! I hate computers and upgrades! Read through all of the notes and cant see what is wrong, what a freaking nightmare.... So stuck on weekend and no way to resolve this, feel like crap, anyone have any idea of feel like helping me then be my guest.
  13. Hey Dave, I did not get anything form you? I have solved the stalling, but there is always a BUT. Idle AFR cannot be set leaner than 11.7 to 11.9:1, no AIT correction can be applied on closed throttle, preceding cells (lower vac) need to be set richer than is ideal, and the other thing that helps is setting up another fuel multiplier table that does a delta -rpm increase in fueling in this transient condition on a closed throttle engine decel condition, and also a fuel temperature table is mandatory on a heat soaked engine (increase fueling as fuel temp goes up). Injection angle must be set at 50 BTDC after much trial and error. With all of these things activated the engine behaves properly in all conditions and does not stall with a 875rpm idle speed setting. The engine will idle with a 13.0:1 AFR setting but will NOT work on a closed throttle return to idle test condition and will NEVER work on a fuel cut condition with a return to fuel delivery of 2500rpm. Its just a peculiarity of this ECU I need to learn to live with, its not bad, just not ideal if you are trying to optimize every last aspect of the tune up... and something I have not experienced on other ECU types running the exact same combination of parts (injectors, injector location, engine specification etc). Best Regards. Peter
  14. In my own cars case I make use of the fuel temperature sensor in the fuel rail as it is super fussy with regard to idle AFR setting and it needs to be constantly within 0.5AFR in every operating condition. Fuel temperature (and thus density) will vary allot from overnight ambient temp to 50 deg C when running and go as hot as 90 deg C or more on a heat soaked engine, Every 10 deg C in fuel temp you really need another 1 to 2% more fuel as the density changes *gets less with more heat*. This is why this problem is never fully cured by AIT figures because as soon as the fuel circulates and the rail, reg and injectors cool after a minute of running all of a sudden the fuel mixture changes allot at idle while the intake manifold is at the same temp basically. In my car the AFR is within above band from hot shut down to 20 min heat soak restart and operating the engine from 37 deg Ambient to 5 deg C cold start. I have my fuel temp map compensation set up under one of the tables (RPM to FUEL TEMP) and it works well, only way to fully solve the issue you are having.
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