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  1. no i did not buy it from them. it's in a pwc and i bought it from jason robertson from new zealand. so you think it's ecu related and not software related ????? thanks
  2. hi david, i've reinstalled the usb drivers more than 10 times from the link ecu folder but still no luck. thanks for the advise.
  3. scott can you look at this screenshot??? its from pclink,device manager and configaration sceen. what i dont understand is, everything worked flawless before and all of the sudden it stopped connecting with the ecu. is this software or hardware related??? i deleted every update from windows of the past month and still no connection to the ecu. thanks
  4. hi david, thanks for the suggestion but still no succes.
  5. hi scott here is the screenshot of device manager. i aslo tried to connect today with a friends laptop with windows 8 but also with this laptop i can't get a connection with the ecu. thanks
  6. hi scott, can't take a screenshot right now but my ecu shows on the same spot as with your screenshot. rick
  7. the tuning cable is plugged in the usb port on the ecu. Â thanks
  8. in device manager the ecu is seen as a serial device. is this ok or should it be a usb device??? thanks
  9. i use windows 7, i have done everything in the help file and nothing worked. i can see the ecu in device manager and the com port i'm using is 4. i'm located in the netherlands (europe)
  10. hi scott, thanks for the help. i've tried it with another laptop and still have no connection. ive tried with both laptop to change the connection rate and with both laptops i can't get a connection (cycle the ecu power each time). is there something else i could try, about a week ago i still was able to connect to the ecu and since a few days i can't get a connection. thanks rick
  11. hi, i have a g4+ storm and i can't get a usb connecton any more. i've tried everything in the help section and i still have no connection. i have reinstalled the link software and usb drivers 3 times and i still got no usb connection. my pc recognize the ecu and when first connected the usb drivers where installed but when i open the pclink software and try to connect it says "unable to connect to ecu please check that the ecu is properly connected, the power is turned on and the correct com port has been selected. i checked all of these things, the ecu power is on because the light is burning in front of the ecu. i selected the right com port to match my pc and the ecu is connected as it usaly is.
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