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  1. yeah every one is different - I personally hate a Linear power delivery - if you keep this thing on the boil there is no lag
  2. Very interesting- I think I will need to find a local expert in Perth to help me with this and/or get my tuner to read through your very informative replies. i wonder if having only 80% ethanol could be the reason the car struggled to make 500WHP cheers!
  3. Wow that is a bucket load on info for me to work through, I’m going to need expert help on this. so your saying the log does display ethanol content? Because I still can’t find where that is displayed- It should be a lot closer to 100% ethanol though. I will buy a new sensor for the innovate gauge and see if that fixes the input or gets the gauge going again. Thanks again - I REALLY appreciate the help One other thing, both o2 sensors are 5 wire so it seems odd that an input is configured for narrow band (I thought all 5 wire sensors were WBo2)
  4. That is great info from both of you thanks. Im not concerned with the tune - I trust the bloke that did it, but we were very rushed at the end so I didn’t get time to discuss the hardware/setup of this car. I’ve only owned it for a month and all mods were done a few years ago. Also this is my first log so I wanted to check I was doing that right as well. It shouldn’t be running lean now - sure doesn’t feel like it as we set it for 465WHP - when it pulled 491WHP on the dyno it was starting to lean out. the injectors are id2000s and it runs straight E85 - good to know I don’t have a way to measure fuel pressure - I wasn’t sure if there was a sensor somewhere. I have read that 500WHP is getting to the limit of the fuel lines (I have 2 good pumps) likewise with the 5 wire o2 sensor- it is installed and wired to something but not to the ecu for some reason. It has a second WB sensor that just feeds a innovate gauge but the display is now dead:inactive so I hope a new sensor fixes that. Also it has a EGT probe in the dump pipe that is wired into the loom, but I can’t see that input on the ecu either. Thanks again
  5. is this ECU temprature something I should be worried about? The ECU is located in the stock ecu position - which just happens to be just above the Turbine housing
  6. Hi, had my S3 retuned a couple of weeks ago - she made 491 WHP but tuner said it was starting to run lean so we backed it off to 465. Can someone please have a look at this very quick log I just did & see if the ignition timing etc looks ok? I will attach the base map soon as well -THANKS 2.llg Im sure this is the base map it is running AUDI_3071_02_REDUCED_IDLE.pclr
  7. Just bought this a few weeks ago, previous owner Sam did an incredible job of pulling it all together. Has had a massive amount of work done, but is very pleasant to drive & even has aircon! CTS 2.0l stroker kit (up from stock 1.8) CTS GTX30/71r turbo kit Link G4+ p+p - Tuned at Evolution R in Perth yesterday ported head with IE cams ID2000 injectors 6 puck ceramic clutch ECS big brake kit 332x32 rotors & 4 pot brembos AP coilovers, HR springs & sways all suspension bushes & motor mounts Airtec cooler Engine oil cooler Flex fuel, but running straight E85 pulled 491WHP yesterday, but injectors or pump/fuel system couldnt keep up so backed it off to 465WHP - Tuner rekons its an easy 500WHP car with fuel system improved. Yes, shes a bit laggy but thats how I like my Turbo cars, haha
  8. I could email you my map if you get stuck - I have a 2002 Audi S3 20v BAM 2.0 stroker. ID2000 injectors running a G4+ & GTX30/71
  9. WANG Computers

    Poor Idle

    Thanks to you CJ & AdamW, for trying to help to sort this car out - I now own this car after Jenno007 has done an amazing job building it. I'm going to get Tokyo Motorsport in Perth to try and sort out the tune once an for all, as this is not something I want to mess with myself. Cheers
  10. Log 2019-06-1 3;13;49 pm.llgLog 2019-06-1 3;13;39 pm.llgLog 2019-06-1 3;13;03 pm.llg Ive never tried this before, so as a test can someone have a look here & see if, 1. I'm doing it right & 2. is there anything odd going on. Where do I find the actual map file? Thanks!!!
  11. Hi, just bought a cool little Audi S3 that has a 2.0 Stroker, GTX 30/71 1000cc injectors running 28psi on E85. Cold starts are great, but hot starts take about 3 seconds or so - I'm a noob to the Link, how can I download/share my maps for someone to have a look at them? I have installed PC_Link and connected that up so I've made a start. Ive got a few errors stored, but the car drives good - Idle seems to hunt when warm tho and it idles quite high - about 1300 revs (it does have IE street/strip cams) Thanks
  12. Thanks Scott, I'm going to buy it anyway & get a separate immobilser. cheers Andy
  13. Thanks for the reply Scott, i have a feeling the seller got that part wrong about it being able to be upgraded, anyway i posted a pic in the above attachment if you could take a look & tell me what you think. Thanks again
  14. http://www.rexnet.com.au/forum/index.php?/topic/142101-fs-possum-link-ecu-plug-in-01-02-wrx-or-sti/page__p__2036158__hl__%2Bpossum+%2Blink__fromsearch__1#entry2036158Â Â Hopefully you can see the pic & description of this ecu, I'm intending to buy it for my V7 wrx (my2001) is it the rally version? thanksÂ
  15. looks like the immobilser wont work with the link. oh well, will keep looking for something suitable cheers
  16. also i need to identify the ecu, hopefully its the higher load point resolution type & not the rally version - if that sounds right? this is from the seller- "All I can find is SOIWRX1 CODE 775 070803 AND SLAVE2KC 070803 AND SUBWRXE2070803 AND 2002 Link electroSystems, on the back of the board it has 2003/02 S/N Link Electro systems, fits standard 01 wiring which I think is 5 plug. Back of original box has 3180-3 Corstat, black box with wires has a 14pin female plug on the end of the flat cable and a 9 pin female plug on the other side of the box. Just found 0305 CCL-11812 on the main board" THANKYOU!
  17. hi, quick question, i have a my01 wrx (Australian delivered) & would like to install a p+p 44s - will the basic factory immobilser still work? i really appreciate any info, thanks a lot. Andy
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