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  1. Thanks simon ok ... i ride my car for 3 years with no IACV connected to the Atom , if i want to do this now , does it mean new Re Map for the ecu ?
  2. hi all need some help my car , civic turbo with Atom ecu as standalone , recently have some issues with idle , the car on 2500 rpm on idle . No errors and all fuel component works great have some questions and need opinions 1. can the Atom controll the idle throw the iacv ? if not how make it stable ? 2. if i want to upgreat the ecu , does the storm work in same loom of the Atom ? 3. the throttle on my car Not Electric , can Storm work with cable throttle ? then controll the iacv ? all my questions just for make car under 1000 rpm on idle specially with A/C . and i am dont care of Anti Lag or lunch controll . thank you
  3. don't know if its right , please check it thank you Log_2018-09-16_10;25;32_pm[1]
  4. Can u tell me how to do this please , my first time i will connect my ecu to my pc laptop . Thank you sir
  5. Its default reading , just want if there any problems beacuse there is a misfire .
  6. Hi I make a logging record for my car , i haven't any experience in logging numbers and meaning of it . Can any one help me Thank you
  7. just wonder do i need a retune for upgrading my fuel pump from walbro 255L to 340L pump ? or replace it for another new one ? I have some problems in my current pump . BTW i have turbo civic with Atom ECU Thank you
  8. Thank you for good information so please , can you tell how to read the codes through the laptop ? iam already have the Linkecu program on my PC , but never tried to do anything on it . Thank you again
  9. Hi i have turbo honda civic with Aotm ECU , can the link ecu Read Diagnostic Trouble Codes ? there is a rough idle specially when A\C on , and some times turn off suddenly when stop . please help , what can i do thank you Sanad
  10. Hi my car civic turbo with Atom ecu , i have some problems with the iacv ( Idle Air Control Valve) . i got new one but not install it yet , all what i did just disable it from the plug . my question what best thing i must do ? can i disable it frome the Atom ? or install the new one at same set up of the Atom ecu ? thank you Sanad
  11. hi everybody i have honda civic 1.7 engine , i use Atom ecu as a piggyback , and its running right , but the RPM gauge and A\C still not working , can Atom alone make RPM and A\C work Of non-interference the OEM ecu ? or there are any setup for make the OEM ecu help the Atom ? thank you
  12. Ok ... then ? Also the other ecu frome link (storm & extrem ) has the same problem . I said adusitable cam gear beacuse in my case when use Honadata Kpro. Its must change the cam gear .. beacuse the stock cam gear not working with Kpro. As Hondata instruction .
  13. What if i use an adjustable cam gear like AEM . Does it good solution ? Beacuse my tuner try what you said about wire the Crank trigger signal to trigger 1 and the cam to trigger 2 .. and the engine still not starting . I need your advice please ... my car almost finished Thanx sir
  14. Thanx for a good info. ok .. but i am still using my factory ecu and use the atom as piggyback system ... does this affect ?
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