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  1. Thanks Scott. I hadn't 'grasped' that it was an entirely separate connector. THAT'll explain why I don't see much over the other tuning connector
  2. I've Link G4 Plugin. The manual says that there's some RS232 pinouts on the ECU connector. I'd like to confirm that this is indeed the case (primarily because I don't seem to be able to talk to it). Is it expected that assuming I have my baud rate setup correctly, that I'd be able to power on the ECU - and send it a 'W' command to do a status check? Â I'd expect to be able to send W and see 'something' on my telnet session (I'm connecting via a Ethernet->Serial converter that we've checked is working OK). The ECU itself is in the car, working, configured - and I can talk to it fine over the USB link using the PCLink s/w. Is there anything I have to configure apart from Baud, bits, parity on the ECU before it'll talk to me over serial? Thanks in advance, Neil
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