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  1. Hello  I have tried with these settings but in run time value it is no signal on inlet LH and inlet RH. Sebastian Larsson
  2. Hello! Â the car is a 2001 wrx v7 with ej205 engine, but we use v8 basemap when we start the car, the car dont start with basemap for v7. Â Sebastian larsson
  3. Hello! Â I have look in the wiring diagrams but i only find the cam position sensor to trigger2 on left intake camshaft, im not find any cam solenoids in the wiring diagram how it works? and one more question the TGV valve i dont need to use it? is it 100% open when no power to it? Â MVH Sebastian Larsson
  4. Hello!  I get no signal from DI1 and DI2 (VVT Cam Position) What should i do to get the Cam control to works?
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