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  1. Thanks for the tips guys.  I have adjusted both items that you guys have suggested and ill see how that pans out. It isn't to cold here at the moment so I might have to wait a while. I am unsure of why that ignition advance was used as my tuner had used those values. Ill keep this thread updated with how I go  Simon
  2. Hey guys I am having a few problems with E85 cold start. I understand it does not atomise well when it is cold but I have added a lot of fuel and nothing seems to help? I have changed the percentage to initial crank, I have change the injector timing to 330 at 0 rpm vs % of ethanol, I have increased crank enrichment, injector prime time, post start enrichment to no avail. Also just after the car has started when it is cold it is un-drivable until the car warms up a little bit. Light acceleration just makes it lurch and buck. I have just adjusted cold acceleration enrichment and just have to see how that goes. What other tables could I look at to adjust this? I have included two tunes on which has been altered for these issues. If anybody has any time to have a look at the two maps and maybe tell me where I might be going wrong I would be very grateful.  Thank you  Simon fuel-altered.pcl vf42-e85-tune.pcl
  3. Hey guys I had a thought that I wanted to bounce off you If I set up a secondary fuel table ethanol % vs Rpm make it an overlay table. Change aux output - fuel injector drive 7 and select starter solenoid Then change the fuel table 2 activation to starter solenoid would this work? So that the table only gets activated as the starter is starting? Any help would be great thanks guys.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I'll give it a go and see how it pans out. And if anyone else has any other ideas let me know.
  5. Hi guys Just wanted to see what people have done in regards to running a full flex fuel setup and cold starting on E85? I want to find a way to alter the enrichment but also have it fine when starting on 98. Thanks guys SImon
  6. Have you purchased the xs connector? If so the diagram is in the startup instructions of the ecu
  7. Brilliant! I was wondering the same thing. Works a treat
  8. Could you also just change the axis in the active boost table of ethanol vs rpm? So on the x axis have ethanol from 0- 85 and on y have rpm? Would this work instead of having to setup virtual axis' and such?
  9. Any updates come from this? It would be great to be able to view ethanol content on the go
  10. Thought I might put this up for people who might be interested. As of late it has been near impossible to get flex fuel sensors as they are out of stock. Flex fuel sensor GM part number 13577429 (Continental) works well with the G4 using no external pull up. Using the internal pull up works great.
  11. Hey Simon You are a champion!! Thank you I have got the fan issue sorted and I have by passed the narrowband and connected my wideband directly and ive got no more error codes or cel flash. Thanks again Simon
  12. Hey Scott I have added the map that I am running. I also tried connecting my wideband to simulate a narrowband to the narrowband input on the ecu with the standard on disconnected so it was getting signal but still I get fault codes. Thanks again. Simon
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