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  1. Just my luck, I bought one of the last G4 in the UK just before the G4+ came out ! Cheers Shaun
  2. Would it be possible to have a bi-directional connection with a mxl strada dash where additional sensors (such as brake pressure) are tranmitted back on a G4 Storm for datalogging. Shaun
  3. Having exactly the same issue. Aim can't even be bothered answering my emails to the support line Tried everything, even a full continuity check on the cable with no joy. Did you resolve the issue in the end ? I really need to fix this, I don't have any of the original dash in the car now. Shaun
  4. I'm setting up the car using the speed sensors off the stock ABS wheel speed sensors on the car (FD3S) but I can't find the information what voltage I should use for driving the sensor. I don't know if they are just 5v or something else. Shaun
  5. Parts have turned up, I'm in the process of pulling the wiring through to the bulkhead and come back to the manual on pg39/40. The sensor I have is the bosch 0280130026 and it has 2 pins, is the diagram to one of the pins and the other to the sensor ground ? Shaun
  6. Thanks, didn't find the right page in the manual. Will sort an NTC style sensor out for it. Shaun
  7. I've just started wiring up a G4 Storm to a mazda rx7 FD3S. Reading through all the documentation the 2 main temp inputs are for the water and air temp, which I sorted with the sensors in the manual. I'd like to have the fuel temp as a correction too and was looking at using the AN-volt 4 input, but the manual says the difference between the temp and the an-volt is the temperature channels have an internal pull-up resister. Can somebody recommend the sensor and pull-up resister I can use to get this to work correctly. I'm looking at just using a wideband to free up the AN-volt 4 for use (manual shows wide and narrow band on ANvolt 3 & 4) Shaun
  8. Hi, Just looking at options and wondered if the G4 is compatible with the Rx8 dash etc. Looking at the possibility of a RX8 with LPG. Cheers Shaun
  9. I think Pip Gardner has Tuned LinkECU too. http://www.wgtautodevelopments.co.uk/ He is based in middlewich, so not as far as thor. Shaun
  10. Great Was looking at gas injection. Didn't think the liquid injection was readily available. Cheers David ! Shaun
  11. I'm looking at investigating running EFI on a mazda rotary on lpg and have had some discussions about using a Link ECU to control the injectors. The big issue was if the map could include fuel pressue as a varible. Has anybody else done this ? I'm currently running a Impco 350 LPG carb on the engine thats currently install in the car. The engine hasn't seen petrol in 18 months ! Thanks in advance ) Shaun
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