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  1. Ive had similar issues with my G4x Xtreme. I can understand the trigger issues theory, but I initially had a G4+ Xtreme in the car with zero comms issues. Switched to G4x and immediately experienced issues.
  2. non vvt 2j trigger wheel is 12 evenly spaced teeth https://www.google.com/search?q=2jzgte+crank+trigger+wheel&rlz=1C1NDCM_enUS782US782&sxsrf=ALeKk03-hJQy8kIgP-rykC7lzQEtfh5FFw:1598200499639&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=r1pla50_ub7vsM%2C9-0Jt3NJNSe5NM%2C_&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kQY9PxcSxA4I49zalMItYV0xkyAYA&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjd9L3o4LHrAhXQ1FkKHbRMCzMQ9QEwAXoECA4QKQ&biw=1904&bih=903 you can use either g1 or g2 for your cam position. The resulting trigger offset will vary based on sensor selection.
  3. its been a long while since ive played with the 3sgte stuff(have a 3sge beams in my car these days) but from memory, the later model 5s/gen4 3s stuff bolts on to add a nice factory component crank trigger setup. did a quick search, here ya go.... https://www.msextra.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=132&t=55937 basically 97+ 5s pump and sensor with a gen4 3s crank gear.
  4. I would still convert to a crank trigger, but leave the sync in the dizzy. This will give you much more consistent ignition timing by eliminating the slop from the timing belt and cam/dizzy drive.
  5. could 100% see installing the autronic interface in an attempt to address a misfire scenario.
  6. There is really no reason to have the Autronic interface to begin with. The V88 would have been able to accept the standard VR sensor signal with out issue. I would eliminate it if it was my vehicle. Just only less component to fail/troubleshoot at a later date.
  7. I totally get that. Its just as you said, the error accumulators are just great for double checking your work. Any idea if its possible to add the parameters that surround the Fault code 84, IC over temp/current? Would be very curious to see what kind of amps/temp things are being worked at.
  8. Oh man.... here i am with a ITB 1uz with that single ATPower actuator, im sure you can imagine the struggle with out those values. Was a big surprise when i went to set up my usual DBW diag page and those values weren't there. "Am I just supposed to hope and pray and shoot in the dark?" were the exact words that came out of my mouth.
  9. wont matter. Thats just a 2 wire pwm iscv.
  10. I have done this in the past with a relay. Best to measure the resistance of the solenoid and calculate the current necessary for operation.
  11. Not to create another thread regarding ethrottle, but what happened to all the error accumulators for the ethrottle? AP, TP, TP/target?
  12. digital input and sensor ground You will just have to keep an eye on frequency. The G4+ units are limited to 500hz so if you are using for a wheel speed sensor, you will have to keep tooth count low.
  13. @Adamw when i say silly, I'm more referring to the fact that the parameter is there but its bound only to CAN. With it set up as a GP Input and a math channel, can these values be viewed utilizing the "vehicle plan" data view? And is there any way to utilize this with closed loop control for a target rack pressure based on vehicle speed and steering ROC?
  14. I have a sw20 mr2 electronic power steering pump powered via a 100a crydom SSR, steering rack pressure sensor, and a string linear potentiometer on the column for steering position. Im trying to greatly over complicate things and would like to configure a closed loop steering set up with multiple tables for on the fly switching via 2 DIs on a rocker switch. Have been through the software a few times and currently just the steering configured via a 3d table with driven speed(g4+ would have been non driven) on one axis and engine rpm on the other. First hurdle that im finding is
  15. could you add a copy of the most recent calibration?
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