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  1. Brad Burnett

    3sgte knock gain

    I would suggest switching to the bosch wideband sensor. Or you will need to better dial in the knock frequency.
  2. Brad Burnett

    3sgte knock gain

    What knock sensor are you using?
  3. Brad Burnett

    Issue setting base timing

    I have had issues with trigger sync on E36 plugin units before. But it was more some weird offset being applied when the ignition sync process is completed. With that being said, even after you get the ignition timing syncd up, I would strongly advise that you verify that the timing at the motor matches the timing in the computer in normal operational mode. "Enter" after a change to the ignition offset angle is a must.
  4. Brad Burnett


    It is recommended to go back to 5.6.5, the newest firmware on the downloads page. There were issues with the 5.6.6 firmware and it has been temporarily removed from the site.
  5. Brad Burnett

    Engine rpm doesn't increase above 7000 rpm

    Ive got quad avcs sti on the dyno currently. On pump 93 oct I have it running even leaner at about .82-.83. With ethanol its actually .85.
  6. Brad Burnett

    Engine rpm doesn't increase above 7000 rpm

    from my experience with the quad cam avcs, full throttle pull, exhaust cam will sit around 25-30deg. when adam says the thing is rich, .65 is way to rich and I bet is causing misfire. These engines work better around .78-.8 lambda.
  7. Brad Burnett

    Voltage regulation

    What kind of vehicle is this? Is the alternator just have no regulator inside or is it something that is expecting ECU signal to command a specific output? You will need some form of regulator.
  8. Brad Burnett

    #WRX107+ Support for EZ30 Swap

    Should be fine. Just have to find new aux outs for the items on the IGN and INJ pins.
  9. Brad Burnett

    N300+ gas gauge using ECU input??

    Yes it is possible. You will just need to know the resistance span of the sender. Will work with a standard AN volt channel but might be easier to use a temp input as they have pull up to +5v and most senders just have a signal and ground.
  10. Brad Burnett

    Ka24det with the atom G4+

    From the initial post, it appears that he may be having trouble syncing the ignition timing for the triggers. Would that be correct @Bikeyourride?
  11. Brad Burnett

    Map history

    Only way to know would be to compare an old map to the current. There is a compare feature in the software. What kind of motor is this? Ignition timing will not cause the valves to touch the piston. But if its a rather modified motor that has variable valve timing, then yes it is possible to over advance the valve timing to make the valve kiss.
  12. Brad Burnett

    pedal faster .. engine hinges

    Glad you got it sorted.
  13. Brad Burnett

    Cal table resolution

    I have used several x series via can with good results.
  14. Brad Burnett

    pedal faster .. engine hinges

    sounds like a acceleration enrichment issue
  15. Brad Burnett

    TPS vs. MAP fuel mapping

    So the 4d table for the mgp vs rpm and then use the 5d for a correction for the ethanol?