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  1. Setup CAN module

    100% possible to utilize both can modules
  2. Gti-R Base Map G4+

    I will normally adjust the master fuel while paying attention to the lambda at idle. I don't normally try to use the percentage change as it is not always correct.
  3. EJ207 Subaru WRX 2011 Engine RPM problem

    I did spot this as well, but the falling edge is much cleaner than the rising based on the trigger scope trace. If the timing is syncd correctly with the falling edge set, would it make much of a difference @Adamw
  4. sensor connection cable size/type

    I have not experienced the same issues as you, but i have had issues with aem sensors in the past. With PCLink running, press the F12 key to view run time data. The select the analogue tab and check the voltage that the ecu is seeing from the sensor. Compare that to the voltage chart from AEM and see where you stand. I had one that was reading way off and was actually shorted internally. Soon as you would ground the sensor body it would go weird.
  5. Unable to connect?

    comms port normally has an orange oring around it
  6. Unable to connect?

    There are 2 possible connection spots on the xtreme ecu. One says COMS the other says CAN. You want the coms port. hopefully this is how you have it. Do you have anything in the CAN port? Sometimes (more specific to older units) if you have something in the CAN port at the same time you will disrupt communication.
  7. CLL fuel correction %

    G4+ has a very similar function called quick tune that is with key F10
  8. Wire in AEM gauges/sensors

    yes it is safe. you will be fine to hook those up via 0-5v out with out a negative.
  9. Setting up PWM control for water pump / fans

    that sounds like the +12v to the coil was not switched.
  10. RB26 ID2000 Configuration

    You are way over thinking this. Just stick the 400kpa data in there and raise your base to match.
  11. F20c trigger setup

    done this as well. Prime example could be 2jz or 1uz
  12. Question about the jumpers

    does the unit have the 3 pins in a row style or the 4 pins in a square? If it is just the 3 pins it will have one jumper. if it is 4 pins it will have 2 jumpers. All the ones i have dealt with for that specific model have had the 4 pin square with only 2 jumpers.
  13. Leans out when not moving on fuel map

    gonna need to see the calibration and a log of this to be able to better assist.
  14. 1NZ-FE VVTI Operation

    I have not had the opportunity to play with one on a link but I sounds fun and should be plenty capable. I actually just junked an entire engine from one of these. Had no compression on number three cylinder, we replace for the customer with a take out unit.
  15. ECU selection trouble

    peak and hold are low impendance injectors and have a resistance of 1-3 ohms saturated are high impedance and have a resistance of 8-13 ohms But clint is right. The VL plug in does appear to have been discontinued.