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  1. Brad Burnett

    A way to delay WOT on ethrottle (kind of a launch control)

    you could easily just set the e throttle table up so that at lower rpm where 100% ap only equals like 60% tp.
  2. Brad Burnett

    Pin install - quick sense check

    The first one you listed there will be the best bet out of those 3 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Qiilu-Professional-Terminal-Harness-Crimping/dp/B076CJL1FW/
  3. Brad Burnett

    Pin install - quick sense check

    yes you have to push the white tab crimp the terminals with an open barrel crimper standard is not ok. open barrel crimper should be available at like a frys or computer/electronics store.
  4. Brad Burnett

    Knock Control G4+

    If you set the threshold table to 1000 it will theoretically disable the knock control so you can fill in the table. That's how I initially set everything up.
  5. Brad Burnett

    Recovery from quick throttle blips, bogs down

    Im with clint. Think about it like an ITB turbo car. Most will use TPS as load on the fuel side for drivability and ease of tuning and simply run a 4d table to compensate for any inconsistencies in boost.
  6. Brad Burnett

    G4 plug & play question about throttle cable

    Yes you can do that. I did it with my 3sge beams Altezza plug in when I went to ITBs. Although now I have made the ITBs DBW. LOL.
  7. Brad Burnett

    fd3s help...... no spark

    Now I cant say for sure on the rotary trigger modes, but with a standard piston engine, if the trigger 2 is config'd to something other than none, there will be no spark. Ran into this problem on one of my own cars, was running 60-2 crank with multipoint and wastespark. Up graded ecu and trig 2 got mistakenly set to cam pulse and had me chasing my tail for a few hours.
  8. Brad Burnett

    Supercharged Lexus 1UZ

    nope your right adam.
  9. Brad Burnett

    Raspberry pi as dashboard

    I have no input on this other than I do love my Race Tech Dash2 Pro.
  10. Brad Burnett

    NGTR+ oil pressure sensor

    I would not recommend using the factory oil pressure sensor. I would recommend purchasing an actual pressure transducer to feed to the ecu. That will give you much more reliable data as the stock pressure sensors are very prone to failure.
  11. Brad Burnett

    Wrx v5 pnp 5 volt output

    Recently had a oil pressure sensor short internally. Being able to view the 5v rail status in the runtime list is excellent.
  12. Brad Burnett

    '92 LS1 timing jumping

    There is a ton of information right at everyones finger tips...…. From the help file
  13. Brad Burnett

    '92 LS1 timing jumping

    92 corvette would be LT1. And that is usually the optispark unit. There is a LT1 trigger mode in the software
  14. Brad Burnett

    Wheel speed issue

    Maybe the wheel speed sensor is wired to the cluster and not the ecu?
  15. Brad Burnett

    Ecu disconnecting under load.

    Well those are resistor plugs. I use them just about every day. Maybe try setting up the internal datalogger and see what the voltages the ecu is seeing when this occurs?