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  1. Ditch the maf and O2 and you can free up 2 more. For O2 get a unit that will output to CAN like the link canlambda or aem x series. Turbo speed would be on a digital input not analogue. EGT i would run through can as well. The brochure is listing the possible inputs depending on model. The inputs on pnp units vary from model to model. And the VR4 unit is 6 ANs and 3 temps
  2. Im going to take a shot in the dark and ask, Is it a Innovate lambda contorller?
  3. you must also have ethrottle with no faults and a driven speed source. But yes that would be the minimum required to operate cruise.
  4. I would copy the DBW settings out of the TTlink base calibration to start. You could then use the auto calibrate function in the ecu for APS and TPS set up and go from there. As far as the Antilag set up, there is a pretty good set up procedure in the help file.
  5. I didnt know this, but from his trigger scope the cam trigger is still a level disc.
  6. change trigger 2 sync mode to "cam level"
  7. polarity on trigger 1 is reversed. switch the 2 pins at the crank sensor.
  8. Pretty sure the answer is going to be no. Will most likely have to send the ecu in for repairs. @Adamw or @Simon will need to chime in here.
  9. where are you located? hit f12 and what does you BAP show?
  10. Brad Burnett

    AEM - can

    No AN channels are consumed using the unit as lambda over CAN
  11. Brad Burnett

    AEM - can

    Yes it is able to work with the link G4+ line. There is a specific set up details in the help file in the software. I have used several x series units, inline and gauge, and they do quite well. I would take them over an innovate unit any day.
  12. The link documentation in the help file doesnt include everything that they are untilizing. It is just a basic run down of the I/O and maybe a couple power and grounds. If you are needing further documentation, you may need to ask @Adamw or @Simon nicely and they maybe able to assist you with one of their internal documents.
  13. Billspec, where are you in florida? I recently moved here and may be of assistance if you need.
  14. you can custom tailor the width between 1 and 16 bit
  15. Yep, i have S54 throttle motor on my 3s Beams with black top 20v ITBs. I even wired in a cruise control switch from a 350z last week and now have full functional cruise control with DBW itbs. It makes my 25 min commute to work at 85mph quite comfortable.
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