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  1. I honestly noticed this recently with my gear display on my dash, I chocked it up to me playing with rear gear ratio at first but after a re-calibration of the wheel speeds its still kind of spotty and inconsistent. Maybe @Simon or @Adamw might have some insight on this. As for + to X platform upgrade, the physical pinouts of the units are not changing. Its just a new processor in the box with new software, firmware, and functionality. The physical I/O is not changing.
  2. Help file in the software will have most of the subaru pinouts. And there is a base map with AVCS configured in the software as well.
  3. Brad Burnett

    Accel enrichment

    doesnt even need to be alpha n. The same principle will apply to get more fuel in for a given load and rpm. Shape of the fuel table will still match as pictured here for tip in area.
  4. Really depends on what you have configured for your driven wheel speed source. Have a look at your speed sources in the chassis and body tab at the bottom of the settings tree.
  5. Brad Burnett

    Accel enrichment

    I have a lot of experience with aggressive ITB engines, and i typically find that the fuel map will have a hump just off idle to aid it smoothness and drive ability.
  6. Brad Burnett

    Dbw s15link

    subaru sti pedals are easy to get for reasonable money
  7. Brad Burnett

    Dbw s15link

    I would wait for @Simon to chime in here. I have seen that most PNP units could have some board revisions done at link to add DBW ability.
  8. relay needs to be wired as follows pin 30 Battery 12v pin 87 fuel pump pin 86 +12v switched pin 85 ecu aux control to me it sounds like when key off pin 86 would still have 12v. When off the aux outs on the ecu rest at ground.
  9. Theres a base 1uz calibration in the standard software download.
  10. Some while back I had seen a third party device that was a toyota bean adaptor/conversion board. But i have searched this morning and cant put together the right search terminology. I want to say it was the guys at CANtrolls but could be mistaken.
  11. once you have the 2 aux outs config'd to fan relays 1&2 there is a fan tab at the bottom of the aux out section. Just configure the temp settings in there.
  12. Add some post start enrichment, it is zero at 90*c
  13. Brad Burnett

    Overrun ign trim

    Fuel->over run fuel cut->ignition retard
  14. It can really go either way. There is no real right or wrong there. It will just need to be tuned appropriately.
  15. Brad Burnett

    G4+ Storm SR16VE

    It is in the help file within the software.
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