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  1. i ran the 340cc injectors in modelled fueling with zero ill effects. ran with the short pulse width zerod out and the standard latency values from the older firmware base cal. let me see if i can find that info.
  2. you could wire that 3rd switch to an extra DI and have an ignition and fuel trim based on the switch position and throttle/load/rpm to give you the desired effects.
  3. Download the most recent software version and resync per the instructions in the help file. I will recommend using a spare spark plug lead between the no 1 coil and plug to hook up the timing light and not the little loop at the back of the ignition harness.
  4. Not sure what the first value you are looking for is, but the short pulse width just leave zerod out. If the first value is latency or dead time, just use the values in the base cal. This is assuming you are running stock injectors.
  5. While I don't have PID settings handy, they shouldn't be too difficult to work out. I typically like to use the Subaru STi pedal. The early 04-05 units can be had off ebay for usually around $40 shipped. You will need the external ethrottle relay for safety operations.
  6. The monsoon will handle the VVT, but will be limited on I/O. I would opt for at least a storm.
  7. Have you read the help file regarding this matter? Just about all the information necessary to set this up is in there.
  8. Brad Burnett

    NGTR+ pin outs

    You will need to get with Simon or Adam for what you are after. They may have their own internal documents for the pinouts that are much more detailed.
  9. with key on and engine off, select which ever map sensor you believe it to be. If the map value is within +/- 5 kpa of the bap value, just do the map sensor calibration and you should be fine.
  10. yes you can use volts. just change units in pclink when configuring. correct, pinout is typically irrelevant. But if they provided a pinout, I would follow it.
  11. I always stay away from innovate. Just have had too many issues with them in the past. The AEM x series stuff works nice and will link up with the ecu via CAN quite easily.
  12. ID has several data sets for the 1000cc units. Use the values for either efi live or hp tuners. The link ecu uses the same axis break points as a GM ecu.
  13. I suspect that the calibration may need a bit more post start or warmup enrichment fueling.
  14. I too have noticed similar issues. Although I am just using one tab and selecting the fuel table I want to adjust. I just always double check it.
  15. very interested in the outcome here. I have similar set up and face odd operational issues.
  16. Gonna have to change out that trigger setup. 38 teeth doesn't divide evenly into 360 so that's a no go there. Also, just from looking at the trigger scope, I would maybe change to falling edge on trig 2 as it is cleaner and further away from the missing teeth gap.
  17. Brad Burnett

    3sgte knock gain

    Ground to ecu signal ground
  18. Brad Burnett

    3sgte knock gain

    diagrams are in the help file in the software.
  19. Brad Burnett

    3sgte knock gain

    I would suggest switching to the bosch wideband sensor. Or you will need to better dial in the knock frequency.
  20. Brad Burnett

    3sgte knock gain

    What knock sensor are you using?
  21. I have had issues with trigger sync on E36 plugin units before. But it was more some weird offset being applied when the ignition sync process is completed. With that being said, even after you get the ignition timing syncd up, I would strongly advise that you verify that the timing at the motor matches the timing in the computer in normal operational mode. "Enter" after a change to the ignition offset angle is a must.
  22. It is recommended to go back to 5.6.5, the newest firmware on the downloads page. There were issues with the 5.6.6 firmware and it has been temporarily removed from the site.
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